Why z/OS

IBM® z/OS® delivers security, agile development and high utilization. It maintains application compatibility and runs Linux® on IBM Z® containers on-premises and in hybrid clouds.

Together with IBM z15™, z/OS gives you more performance, data privacy and cyber resiliency.

What’s new

IBMz/OS V2.5

IBM z/OS V2.5 is now generally available and designed to enable innovative development to support hybrid cloud and AI business applications, underpinned by next-level security and resilience.

With a continuous delivery model, new z/OS capabilities are available quarterly with no impact to stability, complexity, or costs. New z/OS V2.5 4Q 2021 capabilities include the following and many others:

Accelerate hybrid cloud

Deploy and manage Linux on Z apps on z/OS platforms

Provision with automated self-service processes

Deploy z/OS resources and services with cloud apps

Alternative enablement of z/OS Container Extensions

Develop applications

Provide Java language and function for z/OS

Run C, C++, COBOL, PL/I Fortran and assembler apps

Generate code without runtime dependencies

Help augment existing IBM Z application stacks

Parse documents with or without validation

Demystify Data with AI

Enable security

Enable extensive encryption of data in-flight and at-rest

Leverage biometrics to strengthen authentication

Encrypt and compress JES2-managed data

Protect data and resources and control permissions

Safeguard data dumps and protect data from vendors

Scan for vulnerabilities and remediate

Gain ease of use

Manage z/OS systems with a web-based interface

Simplify software installation and set-up

Automate workflows and Cloud Provisioning and Management assets

Simplify software maintenance

Simplify your upgrade to z/OS

Improve performance

Minimize disruptions and accelerate recovery

Respond to planned events by changing LPAR capacity

Report on nearly all aspects of z/OS performance

Summarize OS, middleware or workload activities

Define workload importance and performance goals

Manage systems

Build and deploy networking apps on z/OS

Configure processor’s channel subsystem and OS

Use a PC-based interface to HCD

Bring managed storage to a distributed network

Monitor and manage sysplex in JES2

Manage storage

Sort, merge, copy, analyze and report

Manage storage, data and devices

Manage data for copying and space reclamation

Get policy-based availability and management

Manage removable media as enterprise-wide library

Simplify data archiving with transparent cloud tiering (TCT)

Hear from customers

ICBC Data Center

“z/OSMF is a key component of our operating system rather than an independent product.”


Deliver fast, personalized customer services at scale with cutting-edge IBM technology.


Cut dev costs with Z Container Pricing and empower developers with RESTful APIs.

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