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IzODA enables data from multiple, disconnected sources to be virtually integrated into a single, logical data source and shared with any application, providing the right data, in the right format, at the right time on z/OS®.

IzODA enables you to simplify development, implement a wide range of machine learning and AI algorithms, federate analytics with unified access to data, and accelerate analytics results.

IzODA integrates industry standard, open-source analytics technologies with advanced data access and abstraction services. The solution is designed to simplify data analysis. It combines open-source run times and libraries with analysis of z/OS data at its source, to reduce data movement and federate analytics processing, and increase the value of insights gained from leveraging current data.

Big Picture: IBM Open Data Analytics for z/OS (IzODA)

pictogram for step 1 - install and configure

1. Install and configure IzODA and create a user ID.

pictogram for step 2 - customize and configure Spark

2. For Apache Spark: customize directory structure, configure client authentication.

pictogram for step 3 - configure options

3. Configure network, ports, firewalls, memory and CPU options.

pictogram for step 4 - configure WLM

4. Configure WLM.

pictogram for step 5 - set up security

5. Set up security authorizations and APF-authorize LOAD library data sets.

pictogram for step 6 - customize

6. Customize Apache Spark, MDS, and Anaconda.

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July 1, 2021

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