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System Monitor Best Practices



System Monitor Best Practices


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For the best results using IBM Navigator for i System Monitors follow these guidelines:

  • Set thresholds (and be alerted) before a potential problem occurs.
  • Choose metrics important to your environment
  • Choose 1 minute (or longer) for intervals (default is 60 seconds)
    • Avoid very short intervals
  • Clean up data regularly (R* collections)
    • Review and set the System Monitor data retention setting in "Configure Collection Services"
  • Use the Automatic Refresh or the Refresh button (when automatic is turned off) to update your monitor chart (Visualizing Monitor Data).  
    • On heritage Navigator: Don't use browser refresh -  pf5 closes tabs on IBM Navigator for i
For PTFs related to monitors and IBM Navigator for i, see the apply PTFs steps for stopping the monitor server.


Set authority as needed: System Monitor Authority

Monitor ownership and functionality

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14 September 2021