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System Monitor Authority
For quick access to system monitors,  add the user profile to both of these authorization lists:

QNAVMNTR (new) or QINAVMNTR (heritage)


Monitor function access requirements

New Navigator uses QNAVMNTR and QPMCCFCN Authorization Lists

If a user is in both QNAVMNTR and QPMCCFCN, they can perform all the available function with New Navigator System Monitors
Description for a monitor you own
New Navigator: for a monitor you do not own - But you DO have access through authorization lists
Heritage Navigator: for a monitor you do not own *ALLOBJ authority
Visualize Monitor Data Display real-time monitor data with all metrics (Dojo charts) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Investigate Monitor Data Display the selected metric with PDI charts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Event Log Show the event log entries of this monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes


Note: A new monitor needs to be started after creation

Start this system monitor (conditional).   Yes Yes NO Yes
Stop Stop this system monitor (conditional) Yes Yes NO Yes
New Based on Create a system monitor based on selected one Yes Yes Yes Yes
Delete Delete this system monitor (available for "stopped" monitors) Yes Yes NO Yes
Properties Display or change the attributes of this monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor Server  Start or Stop N/A N/A N/A Yes

Authorization Lists
Monitor Data Queue
Access to the monitor data queue is provided through the QNAVMNTR authorization list
New Navigator Monitors - QNAVMNTR
Heritage Monitors - QINAVMNTR
The following functions can be performed by a user profile with either
  • *ALLOBJ special authority (for example, User Class *SECOFR authority with *ALLOBJ)
  • Access through the specified authorization list

For correct access needed to run System or Message Monitors task in the IBM Navigator for i GUI, add a user profile to the authorization lists. 

Authorization List Description Start, stop, or delete monitor (*see ownership requirements above) To view the system monitor metrics graphs with Performance Data Investigator
Access to the new monitor data queue Yes Not applicable
QINAVMNTR - Heritage Access to the heritage monitor data queue NO Not applicable
QPMCCFCN Access to the performance tools function Yes Yes
QPMCCDATA Access to the performance tools data Not applicable Yes
  • With New Navigator only, it is allowed for a user profile to start, stop, or delete a monitor owned by another profile if they are included in both authorization lists
  • For information on the PDI authority requirements, see Authorization Requirements for PDI

Adding a User Profile

Adding a user profile to the authorization list can be done with the IBM Navigator for i GUI interface or through the green screen command line:

Navigator for i:

Authorization Lists

Figure 1: Open Authorization Lists under Security (or use search bar)

  • Filter on "QNAVMNTR" (or QINAVMNTR) to find the lists
  • Select Permissions to view and edit the list.
  • Select Add to put in a new user profile.
  • Select Specify... and type in user profile, or select from list.
  • Select Ok or Apply to complete add

Green Screen Commands:

Use the EDTAUTL command on IBM i:

    • QINAVMNTR for heritage version
  2. Click F6 for Add new user
  3. <usrprf> *ALL

For one-line command use:

  • QINAVMNTR for heritage version

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23 November 2021