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IBM provides many documents that recommend service and support strategies for IBM systems and software. These best practices documents describe system planning and support procedures to improve system administration operations. The documents also provide strategies for IBM Power Servers. You will find information on key components like firmware, the AIX operating system, cluster software and the Hardware Management Console.



March 2022 IBM AIX Operating System Service Strategy Details and Best Practices (729KB)
November 2021 Power10 Performance Quick Start Guides (1783KB)
October 2021 POWER10 Performance Best Practices (243KB)
October 2021 POWER9 Performance Best Practices (232KB)
April 2020 POWER8 Performance Best Practices (230KB)
April 2020 Hints and Tips for Migrating Workload to IBM POWER9 Processor-Based Systems (347KB)
March 2020 IBM Power Virtualization Best Practices (738KB)
July 2017 AIX on Power - Performance FAQ  (1691KB)
February 2015 POWER7 Performance Best Practices (336KB)
August 2014 Transitioning to POWER8: Migration Paths for AIX systems to POWER8 (539KB)
June 2013 Upgrading AIX from 5.3 to 7.1 (36KB)
January 2011 Managing AIX Updates by using SUMA, NIM, and AIX Service Tools (120KB)

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10 February 2022