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IBM i Support: Recommended fixes



IBM i Support: Recommended fixes

Resolving The Problem

Get the latest fix information directly from the IBM i Global Support Center without a telephone call. Locate the fix for a specific problem or obtain the latest fixes.

Recommended for all systems

All systems will stay current on the latest Cumulative PTF Package, HIPER Group PTF, and Database Group PTF that are listed in the table below. To view detailed information about the PTF, click the PTF ID link.

CUME Package, HIPER, Database and Java Groups
IBM i 7.5 IBM i 7.4 IBM i 7.3 IBM i 7.2 IBM i 7.1
CUME Package SF99750 SF99740 SF99730 SF99720 SF99710
HIPER Group SF99959 SF99739 SF99729 SF99719 SF99709
Database Group SF99950 SF99704 SF99703 SF99702 SF99701
Java Group SF99955 SF99665 SF99725 SF99716 SF99572
HTTP Group SF99952 SF99662 SF99722 SF99713 SF99368
Security Group SF99958 SF99738 SF99728 SF99718 SF99708

Recommended for specific products or functions

Consider the specific products and functions that are crucial for your system environment and applications. The Support Center provides additional information for a number of topics.


Additional fix information

View Preventive Service Planning - PSP for the latest Group PTFs, Cumulative PTF packages, release-to-release PTF cross-summary information, and more.


The recommendations contained herein may or may not be appropriate for your environment. All information is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind. IBM expressly disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. IBM grants you no rights or licenses.

Still have problems or questions?

Contact your normal support channels or visit the IBM Directory of worldwide contacts for quality technical support from IBM.

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