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  • IBM i TCP/IP redundancy and virtual Ethernet

    Network virtualization and redundancy are the key techniques for keeping systems available while simplifying hardware management and reducing capital costs. This article describes how to combine Ethernet and IP virtualization and redundancy techniques using IBM i.


  • Building an STRSQL utility with PowerRuby

    This tutorial creates a Rails version of old green screen Start SQL Interactive Session (STRSQL) utility. Most IBM i professionals use STRSQL on IBM i, but if you have not, simply sign on to your IBM i 5250 and enter STRSQL on the command line. Other products duplicate the STRSQL support as a client/server application, but this Rails version stays completely on the IBM i server and use any device with a browser as the interface.

  • QIBM_QDB_OPEN: The Open Database File Exit program

    This article introduces you to QIBM_QDB_OPEN, the database open exit point that was made available with IBM i Version 5 Release 3. This exit point helps IBM i programmers and administrators to manage database security and enhance IBM i security policies.

  • Using IBM WebSphere MQ message property APIs in ILE RPG

    Handling Java™ Message Service (JMS) message properties from native IBM® WebSphere® MQ applications is now much easier with the addition of the MQINQMP and MQSETMP application programming interfaces (APIs) in WebSphere MQ.