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  • Building an STRSQL utility with PowerRuby

    This tutorial creates a Rails version of old green screen Start SQL Interactive Session (STRSQL) utility. Most IBM i professionals use STRSQL on IBM i, but if you have not, simply sign on to your IBM i 5250 and enter STRSQL on the command line. Other products duplicate the STRSQL support as a client/server application, but this Rails version stays completely on the IBM i server and use any device with a browser as the interface.


  • QIBM_QDB_OPEN: The Open Database File Exit program

    This article introduces you to QIBM_QDB_OPEN, the database open exit point that was made available with IBM i Version 5 Release 3. This exit point helps IBM i programmers and administrators to manage database security and enhance IBM i security policies.

  • Using IBM WebSphere MQ message property APIs in ILE RPG

    Handling Java™ Message Service (JMS) message properties from native IBM® WebSphere® MQ applications is now much easier with the addition of the MQINQMP and MQSETMP application programming interfaces (APIs) in WebSphere MQ.

  • Incorporate web services into your SQL queries

    In the past, resources supplied by IBM® DB2® for i have mainly included catalog objects, which users can query to discover details about the database. Recently, a new type of DB2 for i resource was added for database application developers