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Notice: End of Support for QRadar SIEM 7.3.X (30 September 2022)

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Starting with the version 7.5.0 release, QRadar development moved to a continuous delivery model, under which fixes and updates will be delivered on the next version. This article discusses upcoming dates and what to expect from support as 7.3.x versions are marked end of life.

Upcoming end of life dates QRadar software

Administrators need to plan the upgrades to QRadar 7.5.0 before April 2023. 

  • IBM® QRadar® 7.3.x is marked end of life on 30 September 2022.
    Note: 7.3.x includes 7.3.3, 7.3.2, 7.3.1, and 7.3.0 versions per
  • IBM® QRadar® 7.4.3 is marked end of life on 28 April 2023.
Use the QRadar Support team’s software list to locate downloads, release notes, latest versions, and resolved issues. If you encounter any issues during the upgrade, contact QRadar Support for assistance and upload logs for troubleshooting your case. For more information about the QRadar lifecycle, see IBM QRadar Support Lifecycle.

End of life software and the impact to users

End of life indicates that development is delivering all software updates on newer versions, but does not mean that product support has ceased.

Software and code impact

  • No further software updates after 7.3.3 Fix Pack 12. All fixes are officially delivered on supported versions, such as 7.4.3 or 7.5.0.
  • No further RPMs are delivered for DSMs, protocol, or scanner issues. All parsing and event-mapping updates are halted for QRadar 7.3.x. Auto updates still run daily, but official IBM DSMs are delivered on 7.4.x and 7.5.x versions as 7.3.x is marked end of life.
  • Software removed from IBM Fix Central as ISOs or SFS files are no longer be accessible.
  • No more reported issues or APARs created for 7.3.x versions.
  • IBM Documentation for 7.3.x versions might be removed online.

Support impact

  • Support can assist users on 7.3.x versions with system down issues.
  • Assistance is available for users who experience problems with upgrades on end of life software versions.
  • Support is limited to assisting users with configuration problems or confirming whether a reported issue can be resolved with a software update.

What’s New in 7.5.0

  • Continuous delivery model
    If you want to know about this development model, visit IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery.
  • Improved query specification and speed with 2 new AQL functions
    • The OFFENSE_TIME function limits the query to applicable times that an offense might be active.
    • The DISTINCTCOUNT function uses the HyperLogLog+ approximation algorithm to calculate the unique count and operates with a constant memory requirement. The function supports unlimited data sets.
  • Safety by default
    A new policy was implemented to enable encryption by default for all newly added Managed Hosts.
  • Easier app individualization
    App Framework improvements enable admins to more individually control the memory settings for each application

Upgrade Planning

QRadar software updates are performed by administrators. Technical Support personnel do not complete, monitor, or manage software upgrades for administrators as it is considered "out-of-scope". For more information about administrator responsibilities and other related topics when you perform an upgrade, see our Software update cases and support policies. Administrators must contact IBM Security Expert Labs for extra assistance when out of Technical Support's scope actions are needed.

Administrators are advised reviewing thoroughly the Software update checklist for administrators to avoid issues during the upgrade caused by deficient planning. 

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