Applications 101

QRadar applications and application framework troubleshooting, common issues, technical help, and resources.

Applications overview

QRadar applications enrich user experience with new data and functionality. Administrators can select from a diverse range of security validated applications on the X-Force App Exchange created by IBM or IBM Business Partners. Applications hosted by QRadar run on an application framework that consists of micro-services, docker images, containers, and other components to provide a foundation for new visualizations, tabs, rule content, searches, dashboards, and more. Applications 101 is provided by QRadar Support to help administrators find common application information and troubleshooting resources.

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IBM prides itself on delivering world class software support with highly skilled, customer-focused people. QRadar Support is available 24×7 for all high severity issues. For QRadar resources, technical help, guidance, and information, see our QRadar Support 101 pages.

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