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IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0 release notes

Release Notes


This document contains the release notes for IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0, including the tooling and runtime components.


Release Notes file for: IBM App Connect Enterprise
Product release: 12.0

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Document first published: 28 May 2021

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  • (electronic availability 24 September 2021)
  • (electronic availability 28 May 2021)


Accessing the latest version of the release notes

Always use the latest version of this release notes file, which is available in English only at:

Before installation

Accessing the online product documentation
For information about tasks that you must complete before you install the product, refer to the IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0 documentation.

System requirements
Check the IBM App Connect Enterprise system requirements to ensure that your installation platform is supported for the product edition that you plan to install. 

Downloading the product from the IBM Passport Advantage website
For information about downloading IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0 installation images from the Passport Advantage website, see the Download IBM App Connect Enterprise page.

Product documentation

The online product documentation can be found in IBM Documentation. See IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0 documentation.

In IBM App Connect Enterprise, the IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit help is configured to display help topics that are hosted in the online product documentation. However, you can download a local version of the product documentation and configure the IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit to use this local source. For more information, see Adding documentation to the App Connect Enterprise Toolkit.


This release notes file might contain references to defect numbers. These numbers refer to internal IBM problem numbers; you might find these numbers useful when you discuss problems with your IBM service representative.

Tech notes:
For current information about known problems and available fixes, see the IBM App Connect Enterprise support web page.

To find information, click Downloads, then Fix Central, then enter the product name. This web page provides links to the latest available maintenance for the in-service IBM App Connect Enterprise family of products.

Feature updates

To learn about the new features in IBM App Connect Enterprise, see What's new in version 12.0?

Known problems and their workarounds

Problems and their workarounds in IBM App Connect Enterprise.

  • Contributing the same monitoring event to more than one business transaction definition on the same integration server creates duplication (#88007)

    In cases where a single integration server hosts the definition of more than one business transaction definition, and the business transaction definitions use the same monitoring events, subscriptions will be created such that the monitoring events will be registered against all the business transaction definitions. This can lead to an incorrect business transaction status being reported (for example, if two start events are involved, then the transaction status will be shown as inconsistent).  You can work around this issue by defining each business transaction definition on a different integration server.

  • The command ibmint generate tests does not support relative paths on windows (#86166)

    You can work around this issue by using an absolute path when you pass in the value for the recorded-messages parameter on the ibmint generate tests command.  This issue is fixed in IBM App Connect Enterprise

  • IBM App Connect Enterprise Linux on Z for IBM zCX Multilingual (G01T5ML) contains an incorrect FMID, which prevents support cases being raised.
    You can work around this issue by installing an updated version of IBM App Connect Enterprise

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Useful websites

IBM App Connect Enterprise product documentation

IBM Integration Community

IBM App Connect Enterprise Requirements


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