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What is IBM® Db2®?

Designed by the world’s leading database experts, IBM Db2 empowers developers, DBAs and data architects to run low-latency transactions and real-time analytics equipped for the most demanding workloads. From global banking to sustainable energy, Db2 is the tested, resilient and hybrid database providing the availability, security and scalability for the systems that run the world.


Mission-critical environments require continuous availability and tolerance for failure. Deploy availability and run your workloads without interruption.  


Security is at our core. Protect your data with in-motion and at-rest encryption, extensive auditing, data masking, row and column access controls, role-based access and more. No one knows your data like you do. Let’s keep it that way.  


Db2 grows with you. Scale up and out as your workloads evolve and your performance needs change.  

Seven trends that will impact your data management strategy

See how Db2 plays an essential role in the seven trends that will impact your data management strategy.

Db2 is a leader in customer support

Let your data receive the care and deep technical expertise it deserves.

Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice distinction for Db2

What can Db2 do for you?

Low-latency transactions

No matter the volume or complexity of your transactions, Db2 is built to perform. Start powering your applications with the database built for growing workloads.

Real-time analytics

Do more with your data than just store it. With Db2 Warehouse, fuel faster queries for real-time insights and decision making.

Data lake

Query data no matter where it sits across your organization. Connect structured data to unstructured data using Db2 BigSQL advanced querying capabilities.

Db2 tools

Improve your database management and optimize query performance with Db2’s suite of developer and DBA tools.


Optimize performance


faster data loading and 20 percent faster queries for Swiss insurer Helvetica Health Care.¹

Fuel faster insights


faster financial reporting, without error, for food and beverage brand Cerebos.²

Cut costs


cost reduction for Owens-Illinois, when migrating from Oracle on SAP database to IBM Db2.³

Use cases

Mission-critical apps

Db2 is the database built for the systems that run the world. Give your mission-critical workloads the availability, scalability, security, and quality support they deserve.

Real-time analytics and ML

Endless data but your queries aren’t fast enough. Empower real-time decision making and perform heavy computational analysis with built-in ML, insanely fast ingest, and querying of data in motion and at rest.

Anywhere deployment

You need a database you can deploy in the cloud of your choice, on premises and in a hybrid environment. Deploy a unified enterprise data platform that runs anywhere with Db2.

Performance at scale

Scale Db2 up and out as your workloads evolve and your performance needs change. Independently scale compute and storage based on workload demands.

Data security and governance

Take control of your data governance, security and compliance with Db2’s comprehensive auditing, access control and data visibility capabilities.

Database complexity, simplified  

Store and query more than just traditional structured data with multimodal capabilities. Seamlessly integrate Db2 with your existing data lake to easily query datasets residing in open data formats like Parquet, Avro and more.

Deployment options

Cloud-managed service

Deploy Db2 as a fully managed, SLA-backed service on IBM Cloud® and Amazon Web Services. Take advantage of on-demand scaling, continuous updates and consumption-based billing in the cloud.

Cloud-managed container

Deploy Db2 as a container on cloud-managed Red Hat® OpenShift® or Kubernetes services on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and quickly integrate Db2 into your cloud solution.

Self-managed infrastructure or IaaS

Deploy Db2 as a traditional installation atop on-premises infrastructure or cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service and gain better control over your Db2 deployment.

Try Db2 free of cost

Experience the database built for the world’s mission-critical workloads with a free trial.

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¹ Statistic provided by Helvetica Health Care to IBM.  

² Cerbos Australia IBM case study 

³ Statistic provided by Owens-Illinois to IBM.