Free your data

IBM Db2 means more than transactional or operational database solutions. Db2 now also includes solutions for data warehousing and fast data.

Today, data is the most valuable resource of any business, enabling the actions and insights that empower business disruption. But it can only do so if it’s fully liberated to work for businesses. We are working towards a future in which businesses can unleash the power of their databases without constraints, in whatever way best serves their evolving needs.

IBM Db2 enables enterprise architect leaders to make the most of their data by making it easy to deploy it wherever it’s needed, fluidly adapting to your changing needs, and allowing for integration of multiple platforms, languages and workloads.

Data without limits

IBM Db2 gives you the freedom to manage your data without restrictions.

Freedom of Location

Store, manage and analyze your data wherever and whenever it is most useful, efficient and economical — be it in the cloud, hosted, or on-premises.

Freedom of Use

Grow and change with a company’s evolving needs and an ever- changing world with capabilities such as mixed transactional and analytic workload support, extreme scaling, and elastic pricing.

Freedom of Assembly

Take advantage of an approach designed for a world in which users are liberated to work across platforms, languages, and data types in the environment they choose.


Db2 Database

Optimized to deliver industry-leading performance while lowering costs, IBM Db2 offers extreme performance, flexibility, scalability and reliability for any size organization across Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems.

Db2 Data Warehouse

IBM Db2 Data Warehouse (formerly known as dashDB Local) is a software-defined data warehouse for private clouds and virtual private clouds that support Docker container technology. It is optimized for fast and flexible deployment on your choice of hardware, with automated scaling to meet agile analytic workloads. 

Db2 Event Store

In-Memory database designed for massive ingestion of event data while performing real-time analytics. Optimized for event driven data processing with built-in analytics, it supports applications driven by events such as IoT solutions, payments, logistics and web commerce. It is flexible, scalable and can adapt quickly to changing business needs over time.

Db2 for IBM Operating Systems

Db2 for z/OS

IBM Db2® for z/OS® is the undisputed leader for storing and harnessing mission critical data. It is the "gold standard" for system availability, scalability, security and cost effectiveness.

Db2 for i

DB2 for i is a member of IBM’s family of DB2 databases. What makes DB2 for i unique is its integration with the platform, the IBM i operating system and Power Systems. This unique integration means you do less managing of your database, and more building of applications for analytics, mobile, cloud, or day to day operational purposes.


Connect your world with IBM Cloud Private and IBM Db2

IBM Db2 offers a multi-workload database management solution built on performance, flexibility and security, now on IBM Cloud Private.  New innovative capabilities and advanced features to meet demanding data processing requirements on-premises or in cloud. 

Ingest and analyze streaming event data at scale with IBM EventStore

With access to complete sets of event data, businesses can derive critical insights from comprehensive analysis on data.

Six reasons to upgrade your database

Discover how companies are managing growth, gaining insights and cutting costs in the era of big data.

TDWI Checklist Report: Data Warehousing in the Cloud

The objective of this Checklist Report is to share best practices that will position the reader to take advantage of a cloud-based data warehousing solution.

Customer success


Learn how Brazilian credit union system Sicoob removed barriers to growth and enabled continuity of service when it selected Linux on IBM z Systems as its strategic platform, with IBM DB2 LUW with BLU Acceleration on z Systems for faster analytical queries and greater efficiency. 

Groupe France Mutuelle

Learn how IBM Db2 helps clients simplify their IT infrastructure, accelerate critical business reporting, gain faster access to data while reducing investment and operating costs.

China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd.

China Minsheng Banking leaps ahead of the competition with truly non-stop services, using IBM DB2 pureScale cluster.

Customer Testimonial

By supporting non-stop services, IBM DB2 pureScale offers us an important competitive advantage.

—Yuan Chunguang, Head of Database Operations and Maintenance, China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd. - Science and Technology Department