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IBM i 7.4 - TR4 Enhancements


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IBM i 7.4 -
Enhancements timed with
Technology Refresh 4 (TR4)
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Note: The announcement materials for IBM i 7.4 TR4 can be found here.
The remainder of this landing page intends to make it easy to see the supporting detail for these enhancements.

     Db2 for i Enhancements 
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Note: The following Db2 for i enhancements are delivered via Db2 for i PTF Group SF99704 Level 13.
Db2 for i - Database Engineer enhancements

IBM i Services (new)

IBM i Services (enhanced)


Db2 for i - Services (new)

Db2 for i - Services (enhanced)

Db2 Mirror for i - 5770-DBM
Note: The following functions require Db2 for i PTF Group SF99704 Level 13 and Db2 Mirror for i Group SF99668 Level 10


The Analyze Profile Activity (ANZPRFACT) command has been updated to consider Db2 Mirror environments. Prior to this enhancement, ANZPRFACT would consider activity only on the node where the command executed. This could cause active profiles on the other node to become disabled. This enhancement will now be multi-node aware and disable profiles only if there is no activity on either Db2 Mirror node.

Db2 for i performance improvements

Db2 for i has been enhanced to increase performance in a Db2 Mirror environment. Performance improvements vary based on application and database architectures. See the Db2 Mirror Performance FAQs for more specific details about Db2 Mirror performanceSee IBM Db2 Mirror for i: Perfomance Considerations for additional information.

New objects supported

Data Queue entries are now supported in addition to the data queue itself. This is selected by the data queue and managed by the Replication Criteria List.

User Index and User Space objects can now also be replicated with Db2 Mirror. For more information on these new objects that can be replicated, see the Db2 Mirror topic.

RPG Updates - 5770-WDS Rational Development StudioModern RPG
The RPG language continues on the journey to a Modern Business Language.  The following new features are being added:
  • %LOWER and %UPPER built-in functions convert to lower or upper case
  • %SPLIT built-in function to split a string into an array
  • New option, EXPROPTS(*STRICTKEYS), disallows search arguments that might overflow or be truncated, for keyed operations using %KDS or a list of keys
Details and PTF delivery information can be found at the  RPG Cafe.

IBM i Access Client Solutions                     ACS
IBM i Access Client Solutions has been enhanced to provide users with the tools and features they need for accessing and managing their IBM i as well as the Db2 for i database.  
The following enhancements are included:
Run SQL Scripts 
  • All SQL warnings encountered during results retrieval are now posted to the Messages tab
  • A Refresh list... option has been added to Database drop-down on the Connection->Connect to Database... dialog
  • Descriptions for JDBC configurations are displayed as hover text on the Connection->Connect to Database... dialog and Connection->Apply JDBC Configuration menu
  •  Data mapping errors in results are now displayed as "++++++++++++"
  • Additional Insert from Examples
  • A new option on Generate SQL allows constraints to be defined in the CREATE TABLE statement instead of a separate ALTER TABLE statement
Visual Explain
  • Advised Indexes now combines multiple CREATE INDEX statements into a single Run SQL Scripts window
Printer Output
  • Actions for Delete, Hold, and Release can be monitored in Active Tasks Pane
5250 Emulator
  • Allow target address in lower right corner to be copied so it can be pasted
  • Warn user when logging in if caps lock is on
Details on these enhancements can be found as part of Getting started document. 
The latest updates can be found on the ACS Download page: Download ACS

General Operating System Enhancements
Clustering Enhancement

Hardware and Firmware
#EN1J/#EN1K - PCIe4 32  Gb dual-port optical FC adapter
#EN1E/#EN1F - PCIe4 16  Gb quad-port optical FC adapter
#ES1K - Enterprise 800 GB SSD PCIe4 NVMe U.2 module for IBM i
#ESK7/#ESK9 - 387GB Enterprise SAS 4k SSD for IBM i
#ESKB/#ESKD - 775GB Enterprise SAS 4k SSD for IBM i
#ESKF/#ESKH - 1.55TB Enterprise SAS 4k SSD for IBM i
#ESK6/#ESK8 - 387GB Enterprise SAS 4k SSD for VIOS
#ESKA/#ESKC - 775GB Enterprise SAS 4k SSD for VIOS
#ESKE/#ESKG - 1.55TB Enterprise SAS 4k SSD for VIOS
#ESK0/#ESK1 - 387GB Enterprise SAS 5xx SSD for VIOS
#ESK2/#ESK3 - 775GB Enterprise SAS 5xx SSD for VIOS
#ESKL/#ESKM - 931 GB Mainstream SAS 4k SSD for IBM i
#ESKQ/#ESKR - 1.86 TB Mainstream SAS 4k SSD for IBM i
#ESKU/#ESKV - 3.72 TB Mainstream SAS 4k SSD for IBM i
#ESKY/#ESKZ - 7.45 TB Mainstream SAS 4k SSD for IBM i
#ESKJ /#ESKK- 931GB Mainstream SAS 4k SSD for VIOS
#ESKN/#ESKP - 1.86 TB Mainstream SAS 4k SSD for VIOS
#ESKS/#ESKT - 3.72 TB Mainstream SAS 4k SSD for VIOS
#ESKW/#ESKX - 7.45 TB Mainstream SAS 4k SSD for VIOS

BRMS for i (5770-BR1)

BRMS for IBM i 7.4 and later has several enhancements:

  • New SQL services that provide similar views of BRMS log information as those provided by the DSPLOGBRM command.
  • BRMS network sync job improves performance by reducing the number of journal entries processed.
  • Improved cloud support for Network Installations using Network File Systems.
  • Integrated support for full system backups using IBM i iSCSI supported devices.

For BRMS IBM i 7.4, these enhancements are available with PTF SI74479.

PowerHA SystemMirror for i (5770-HAS)

PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i 7.4 TR4 brings a new set of enhancements centered around switchover, automation, and simplification.

Streamlined switchovers

PowerHA continues to provide simple and easy switchovers. The latest enhancements provide simplified node selection with automated recovery domain management with the ability to monitor detailed switchover and failover progress from a single node.

FlashCopy® automation

FlashSystem FlashCopy technologies are enhanced with integrated automation to simplify FlashCopy operations. Previously, Flashcopy automation required externally developed tools and scripts that performed multi-node operations.

Additional enhancements

PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i 7.4 TR4 offers additional enhancements, including:

  • Continued simplified management of PowerHA with interactive prompting
  • Additional simplified commands that provide contextual F4 prompt options that are optimized for a specific environment and configuration

For more information on these enhancements and to get started, see the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i wiki page.

The PowerHA enhancements will be available on June 25, 2021.

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