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Single Sign On (SSO) through Kerberos Support



With the 2017 Q1 Navigator for i PTFs, Support for Single Sign On (SSO) using Kerberos has been added


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Enhancements and fix details for IBM Navigator for i PTFs. 

For the PTF information please see the PTFs page. 

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The following fixes and updates are included in the 2017  Q1  PTFs:

Overall Navigator for i changes:

  1. IBM Navigator for i supports Single Sign On (SSO), which uses Kerberos protocol. For SSO, the Active Directory in Windows server as KDC server, NAS, EIM and others needed to be configured. See Enable Single Sign-on for set up  directions. 
  2. Dashboard will not be started by default. This allows the user to determine if they want to run dashboard or not.  You need to clear your browser cache for this to take effect.  It is recommended to clear browser cache anytime you put on new Navigator for i PTFs to avoid backlevel issues.

  3. IBM Navigator for i now supports Group Target System. With this enhancement the management of target systems can be more convenient and efficient.

Component Enhancements:

  1. Additional functions have been added to the Application Administration interface for Navigator, giving administrators more control over what functions their users can see when using IBM Navigator for i.

  2. Performance Data Investigator Graph History function has added a Stacked Chart View. The stacked chart view displays data for one metric across days, weeks or months to identify trends   or changes. The single metric will be stacked or displayed on one chart with each segment of time displayed as a separate line on the y-axis. To use this, select the "Stacked Chart View" icon when displaying a Summary chart for historical data.  More information on changes in the Performance Task and Performance Data Investigator 


  1. IBM navigator for i dashboard could result in CPI2417 messages in QZRCSRVS job logs.  These jobs may also consume high CPU.  The job may fail with MCH2804 QmExtend message: Tried to go larger than storage limit for object...". 
  2. When viewing System Operator Messages and using the Sent column to sort the messages from oldest or newest, the messages were not being sorted by AM or PM.  This has been corrected.

Detail on PTF apply:

 1. Enter the following commands to stop the QHTTPSVR subsystem and QINAVMNSRV job before applying PTF:


   2. Apply or remove this PTF (immediate mode).

   3. Start the HTTP server(s) using:


   4. It is required to clear the browser cache after applying this PTF for some of the above changes to take effect.

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21 January 2020