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Knowledge Resources: How can I help myself when errors occur?

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Knowledge Resources: How can I help myself when errors occur?


How can I help myself when errors occur?

When a software or hardware error occurs, my first thought is to open a support ticket to have someone help me resolve the issue.  This is because I think we will get to the solution more quickly.  But there is a period of time where the error and circumstances need to be explained, documentation and log files need to be submitted, someone needs to test for and reproduce the problem, a solution must be found and communicated, and finally the problem resolved.  That period of time can be much longer than expected.  And, correspondence back and forth between parties can take additional time.

So what steps can I take to ensure I am using my time wisely and efficiently?  First, I need to know what information is available to me. Second, I need to determine if the solution already exists. Third, If the solution does exist I need to implement the solution. If it does not exist, it is time to contact IBM ECM Support.  Before a problem arises, it is good to know there are many IBM resources available. The benefit to me is that this information is available at any time and from any location. IBM provides a collection of self-help tools that help me diagnose and resolve errors.  IBM provides an abundance of Knowledge Resources to assist me in resolving problems and staying informed about my products.




To help identify those Knowledge Resources, I have listed many that are available to you.  When you run into an error, there are many things you can do to check whether a solution is available.  In addition, you will learn much more about your products and available tools.  It may surprise you that there is a wealth of information available!  So, before jumping to the phone, investigate all the information available to you!  If your solution is not documented, then go ahead and make that call to IBM ECM Support. 

The following Knowledge Resource links are available to our clients:

UPDATE:  I have added a link to the Client Success Essentials Community, specifically the Client Self-Assist Tools.

For more information, see the Software Support Handbook on other available resources.

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