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Web development

Create webs of data with the RDF

Brian Sletten / 31 March 2015

In this new series, Brian Sletten explores how resource-oriented thinking can benefit data integration on the web and in the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration project.

Develop Node.js apps from your browser

Lauren Schaefer / 08 April 2015

Use Live Edit, the Bluemix Debugger, and the Bluemix shell to deploy changes to Bluemix instantly without ever leaving your browser.

Cloud computing

Best practices: Deploy your apps in the cloud

Grant Shipley / 02 April 2015

Explore the types of cloud computing systems available, and learn some best practices that can help you with real-world application deployments on top of a cloud infrastructure.

Using block storage in IBM PureApplication System pattern workloads

Bhadri Madapusi / 01 April 2015

Learn about block storage support in PureApplication System 2.0 and how you can use block storage features in your pattern workloads.


DevOps made easy with Bluemix

Lauren Schaefer / 25 March 2015

Growth Hacking Engineer and Social Media Lead Lauren Schaefer describes Bluemix DevOps Services and explains how Bluemix is changing the way developers to their jobs.

Bluemix as a Dynamic Development Ecosystem

Rachel Reinitz / 18 March 2015

Rachel Reinitz discusses the range of applications Bluemix can help you develop and how even "traditional" clients have begun leveraging the potential of Bluemix as a full-fledged development ecosystem.

Java technology

JVM concurrency: Acting asynchronously with Akka

Dennis Sosnoski / 08 April 2015

Dennis Sosnoski discusses the benefits of using the actor model and shows you how to start working in Scala or Java with the Akka implementation of the model.

Use a Liberty JAAS login module for Bluemix single sign-on

Obidul Islam / 24 March 2015

Retain the advantages of JAAS for decoupling authentication from application code while using the single sign-on service with Liberty in Bluemix.

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