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Cloud computing

Build your own wearable with IBM IoT Foundation and Bluemix

Mike Spisak, Rhonda Childress / 23 February 2015

Connect a Bluetooth-enabled wearable device kit to a hybrid mobile app and send sensor data into the IBM Internet of Things Foundation cloud.

Build and deploy an ATM finder application on Bluemix

Vikram Vaswani / 23 February 2015

Explore the Google Places API while building a mobile-friendly application that uses your current location to identify the closest ATMs and integrate that info into a PHP-based web app.

Web development

Mastering MEAN: Introducing the MEAN stack

Scott Davis / 09 September 2014

Scott Davis has returned from hiatus with his popular Mastering MEAN series, and a new installment is coming soon. Be sure to brush up on your MEAN stack skills in preparation.


Build an iOS 8 app with Bluemix and the MobileFirst Platform for iOS

Belinda Johnson, Carlos Santana / 10 February 2015

Create and connect a mobile back-end application on Bluemix to a sample iOS mobile application, and then send a push notification from the Bluemix console.

Monitor mobile devices with the Geospatial Analytics service

Mike Branson / 02 February 2015

Obtain, run, and extend a Node.js starter application that uses the Bluemix Geospatial Analytics service. With the Geospatial Analytics service, you can monitor moving devices from the Internet of Things.


Enable secure cloud storage with the Bluemix Single Sign On service

Andrew Huffman, Todd Kaplinger / 23 February 2015

Explore the Object Storage service in Bluemix, which provides secure cloud-based storage using cutting-edge technologies.

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