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SAP on IBM i development teams at both SAP and IBM have collaborated to deliver SAP solutions on IBM i for over 25 years.
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 The latest blog entry from the SAP on IBM i development team was published on 23 December 2020, discussing enhancements to the STOPSAP command which can increase availability. All past SAP on IBM i blog entries can be found at the SAP on IBM i Community site.
Prior SAP on IBM i webcast replays and charts are still available.
Focus Areas
Lab Services Consulting
An SAP on IBM i practice exists within IBM Systems Lab Services.  This Lab Services team helps clients optimize their SAP on IBM i infrastructure by providing expert consulting, education, and service directed at the software layers between IBM i (including Db2 for i) and SAP NetWeaver.  Follow this link for more information about the SAP on IBM i Health Check and other services from the SAP on IBM i Lab Services team. Power Systems HW purchases often include vouchers that can be used for Lab Services consulting. Contact your IBM representative or Business Partner to find out what vouchers you might already have.

Sizing and Workload analysis with IBM Insight
For assistance with SAP on IBM i sizings and IBM Insight, contact Michelle Ojielo by email at The IBM Insight for SAP tool can help you understand how much resource is used by your current workload. Information from the tool can also be used to determine past growth rates and is often an important input to the sizing process.  The sizing process might be used to project your future hardware needs or to estimate whether your current hardware is sufficient to handle transitions between SAP release levels. The tool is available free of charge, and since it is simply gathering information that your SAP system is already recording, it does not impact the performance of the system. 

SAP on IBM i Newsletter
The SAP on IBM i Lab Services team distributes a short newsletter via email approximately once per quarter.  The newsletter offers hints, tips, and items of general interest to anyone running SAP on the IBM i platform.  Current and past newsletters are available at this newsletter archive site. To receive newsletters by email as they are released, email a request to
Several IBM offerings are available that can help to reduce the cost of SAP solutions. IBM i Solution Editions are usable in smaller SAP environments, Power Systems Capacity BackUp(CBU) offerings can be used for HA/DR solutions and, IBM i Application Server operating system licensing can also be an option.  Talk to your Business Partner or IBM representative to see which of these offerings might be appropriate within your landscape.
Companies have successfully run SAP on IBM i for many years, including these most recent references. If your company would like to be a reference for SAP on IBM i, contact the IBM SAP International Competence Center at
Online Resources
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