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Capacity BackUp is designed to support customer's disaster recovery and high availability needs.

The Power Systems Capacity BackUp (CBU) offerings are designed to support our client's disaster recovery and high availability needs. The Capacity BackUp offerings recognize that true high availability or disaster recovery solutions require at least two systems. If one system is not available the other one "takes over". The CBU offering is designed to give our clients flexible and economic options for deploying business continuity operations.

The CBU for IBM i

The CBU for IBM i with PowerHA solution combines the strengths of IBM Power Systems, IBM i, PowerHA SystemMirror for i 7.1 and CBU Editions. When the CBU and PowerHA for IBM i are purchased together, you are entitled to a service voucher good for three days of services applied toward the architecture, setup, and install of your new cluster infrastructure.

The IBM Capacity BackUp (CBU) is designed to enable a new Power server to act as a backup system in a high availability or disaster recovery environment. For CBU eligibility, the machine type, model, and software tier of your designated 'primary system', and also the software tier on your CBU order, is a determining factor for eligibility on your new CBU system. Before submitting the CBU registration/validation form, an order must first be placed for an IBM server, which will generate an IBM plant order number. This plant order number is required on the registration form. The plant order number must include a CBU feature code. If your 'primary system' is going to be a new box order or you are upgrading your current installed box, the IBM plant order number will also be required for the CBU registration/validation form.

*For CBU eligibility*: The software tier of your primary machine must be equal to or greater than the software tier of your CBU order.

This CBU registration process is primarily for IBM i operating systems and requires that the CBU system configuration contains a primary operating system feature code 2145 or partition feature code 0267 on the primary system and CBU system.

Prior to shipment of your CBU, you must complete the form for registration/validation and accept the terms and conditions of the attached CBU agreement. Validation of this submission will authorizes the shipment of your new CBU order.

To complete this CBU registration form, you need to obtain the following information from your IBM representative or your IBM Business Partner who placed your new CBU order.

  1. Primary system: Must have feature code 2145 or partition feature code 0267. The system that the CBU will act as 'backup' in a high availability or disaster recovery environment (choose one of the options below):
  2. CBU system (Backup): Must have IBM i operating system feature code 2145 or i partition feature code 0267. IBM plant order number (6 alphanumeric), machine type (4 numeric) model (3 alphanumeric).
  3. IBM customer number associated with the CBU order
  4. Comments/exceptions: If for any reason you are unable to match up the information on your order with the information requested or provided in this web form registration, please use this field to enter any additional information that can help us determine eligibility.


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25 April 2024