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Java SDK troubleshooting

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Many problems in the IBM SDK and Java runtime environment can be pre-emptively determined by using the IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java - Health Center. The Health Center can be used to monitor for problems in a running application.

The user documentation also provides information that can help you with problem determination, including guidance on performance problems, out of memory errors, and crashes. Error messages issued by the JVM in response to problems are detailed in the JVM messages guide, together with any user action that can be taken.

For a detailed list of user guides and reference information, see our documentation.

Looking for known problems

Determining if a problem is already resolved

Issues reported to IBM support that have been resolved are documented as either an Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR) or a Technote.

You can search to see if a problem you are experiencing has been resolved previously using the following steps:

  1. The IBM support web site has a section devoted to the IBM Runtimes for Java technology.
  2. Expand the Document section to show search links that allow you to search for specific content types. Use these searches when searching for IBM Java problems:
  3. Review the list of available defects in the latest fixes list.
  4. Search the IBM Support forums

If you can't see your problem after searching open a service request.

Finding information about software updates for a known defect

IBM product defects and fixes are documented using APARs, which are identified using an ID with the following format: AANNNNN; for example IZ52407. You can find information about an APAR and how to obtain a software update for that APAR using the following steps:

Finding information about software updates for preventative maintenance

A list of defect fixes is available in each software update. You can search those lists to determine whether you should install an update using the following steps:

Reporting issues to IBM support

Obtaining an IBM support contract

You can access and manage your contracts online by submitting a customer service request. See the Contracts FAQ .

Raising a Java problem with IBM support

To submit a problem to IBM, you must first:

Once you are registered and have a customer number, use one of the contact methods listed at IBM Customer Support.

You can find general contact and support information for each country is available from the Directory of IBM worldwide contacts.

What to submit when raising a Java problem to IBM support

When submitting a problem related to the IBM Java Runtime, it is useful to provide the following information:

Submitting data for a problem raised with IBM support

Data can be exchanged with IBM support using the information on the Software support - Exchanging Data page.

Discussing an issue without a support contract

If you do not have a support contract, you can discuss issues with IBM, however there is no guarantee that the issue will be fixed. The following mechanisms are available to informally report issues to IBM:


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