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A common infrastructure shared by various IMS Tools offerings

IBM® IMS™ Tools Base for z/OS®, part of the IBM IMS Tools portfolio, provides common infrastructure for various IMS Tools offerings. IMS Tools Base offers components that support key strategic architectures, technologies, and services utilized by IMS Tools. It includes autonomics for recurring database monitoring, alerting, and maintenance tasks. The IMS Administration Foundation for z/OS component of IMS Tools Base provides a Zowe-based web browser interface to many IMS functions. Additional functions are available in the web user interface for customers with one or more of the following:


Web browser user interface
Use the Zowe-based web browser interface to:
  • Discover and register IMS systems to the web UI
  • Find and view status and details about IMS system components and resources
  • Issue SQL and IMS type-1 and type-2 commands
  • Find and view details about DBDs and PSBs, including maps and source statements
  • See databases with exceptions, including historical sensor data
Tools execution automation Use the Autonomics Director to support automation of tools execution.
Advanced notification services Take advantage of the Policy Services component for extended notification services.

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