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IBM Common Services Library for z/OS

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No-charge product that contains components and infrastructure-related common functionality required for select IBM IMS Tools

IBM® Common Services Library for z/OS® is a no-charge product that contains various components and infrastructure-related common functionality required by and shared across select IBM® IMS™ Tools. The library is a coded framework that enables communication between Eclipse-based plug-ins and their corresponding z/OS®-based products. Common Services Library shares these functions between products, rather than including this functionality separately. It replaces the older IBM® Functional Support Library for z/OS®.


Consolidates and provides connectivity With functionality required for select IBM® IMS Tools.
Gain enhanced function Gives you distributed access for select IBM® IMS Tools.
Keeps data secure Helps remove sensitive or confidential user data, such as customer business information from IMS log records.

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27 August 2020