What the IMS Buffer Pool Analyzer can do for your business

IBM® IMS™ Buffer Pool Analyzer for z/OS® provides statistical analysis reporting that helps evaluate current IMS online and batch job database buffer pools. It provides the information required to determine if changes to your buffer pool configuration would benefit information management performance. Based on this data, your organization can optimize performance and eliminate guesswork from the database buffer pool change process.


Improve performance

Review the buffer pool environment and recommend changes to the number of buffers in each subpool for optimized performance.

Advanced storage allocation

Get information on the efficiency of OSAM cached buffers in a coupling facility, and gauge the effect of changing the amount of storage allocated to OSAM buffers in CF.

Gain visibility

Model user changes to the buffer pool configuration to evaluate to any impacts before they are implemented.

Optimize storage

Identify wasted storage and determine if adding or subtracting buffers will improve the performance of a selected buffer pool.

Next generation analysis

Determine which databases are the heaviest users of each subpool, and perform “what if” scenarios analysis. Be certain of the impact of a change before it is implemented.

Comprehensive reporting

Explore subpool data usage for the pool configuration, buffer request rate and performance data. Examine database performance with a list of all data sets, hit ratio, buffer request rate and I/O rate.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment plans help align infrastructure investments with workload needs.