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IMS Tools: New Functions Available via Continuous Delivery



Many of the IBM IMS Tools are using the Continuous Delivery model for providing customers with new function. This document is used to communicate new functions as they become available.


The attached files list new functions available via the Continuous Delivery process for the IMS Tools family of products. The files are current as of 18 November 2023, and reflect functions shipped since December 2018.

Both files contain the same list: one in xlsx format and the other in csv format.

The files are provided as-is. There are no warranties of any kind, and there is no service or technical support available for these files from IBM.

For comments on the files, contact [email protected] .

The files are a subset of the full list of new functions available across all z/OS subsystems, available here:

In addition, the following document in IBM Documentation provides more details about some of the most recent new function APARs:

Check back often to see updates to this file. Alternatively, to receive notifications automatically when the file is updated, sign in at , go to "My Notification Preferences", search for "IMS Tools" and add the "Technotes" document type for notifications.

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27 November 2023