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This document describes the release types (LTS, CD, Fix Pack, CSU), gives an overview of maintenance and support by platform, gives download links for LTS trial versions of IBM MQ 9.3 and 9.2, and summarizes the contents of each of the IBM MQ for z/OS products.

Download Description

To download the latest CD or LTS release, click a tab above. In both cases, you can download the base install image, and/or apply the latest fix pack or CSU.

LTS and CD

For updates to IBM MQ, you choose between Long Term Support (LTS) and Continuous Delivery (CD) releases:

  • LTS releases are for systems that demand the highest levels of stability. They are maintenance-only releases. They contain fixes to identified problems and vulnerabilities.
  • CD releases add new function to MQ. They are for customers wanting to exploit the latest features and capabilities of MQ without waiting for the next LTS release cycle.

For more information, see the IBM MQ FAQ for Long Term Support and Continuous Delivery Releases.


IBM MQ 9.3 releases are delivered concurrently on Multiplatforms, z/OS, and the IBM MQ Appliance. For CD releases, Multiplatforms refers to AIX, Linux, and Windows. For LTS releases, Multiplatforms also includes IBM i.

The 9.3 initial release

The 9.3 initial release was version 9.3.0. For LTS users, it brought you up to date with the new functions that were incrementally added into MQ 9.2 by the CD releases. For CD users, it was the next CD release after IBM MQ 9.2.5. 

The 9.3 initial release is no longer available. To create a new IBM MQ 9.3 installation, download the latest CD or LTS release.


There are two types of maintenance release, Fix packs for LTS releases and Cumulative security updates (CSUs) for LTS and CD releases:

  • Fix packs contain roll-ups of all defects fixed since the previous maintenance release or GA. 
  • CSUs contain security patches released since the previous maintenance release or GA.
  • Both types of maintenance update the F-digit of the VRMF to a higher number than any previous maintenance.
  • Both types of maintenance are mutually cumulative, from the initial release. You can apply any higher numbered fix pack or CSU of the same version/release to upgrade directly to that version level. You do not have to apply the intervening fixes.

For more information, see Changes to IBM MQ's maintenance delivery model.

For a given platform, both types of maintenance are downloaded and installed using the same mechanism:

  • Multiplatforms and IBM MQ Appliance use the existing fix pack delivery mechanism.
  • z/OS uses PTFs. For UNIX System Services features (that is, JMS and WEB UI, Connector Pack, and Managed File Transfer) the z/OS PTFs are aligned directly with the Multiplatforms fix packs and CSUs. Other PTFs are made available as and when they are produced.

For a CD release, defect fixes are provided for 12 months from general availability (GA) or while it remains one of the two most recent CD releases, whichever is longer. 

To get notifications from IBM about, for example, when fix packs are available, subscribe to MyNotifications.

Trial versions

A trial version of the LTS release, for each of the last two IBM MQ major versions, is available for download here.
There is no trial version available for CD releases.

IBM MQ for z/OS products

  • IBM MQ for z/OS
    Provides IBM MQ capability, connectivity on and off the z/OS platform, and excellent integration with z/OS software, such as CICS®, IMS, WebSphere® Application Server, and Db2®. Licensed under a Monthly License Charge (MLC) model.
  • IBM MQ for z/OS Value Unit Edition (VUE)
    Same functionality as IBM MQ for z/OS; licensed under a One Time Charge (OTC) model. Can coexist and interact with IBM MQ MLC offerings in other LPARs. Note that, from an installation perspective, the same FMIDs as for IBM MQ for z/OS are installed, then the QMGRPROD attribute must be set to VUE, which changes product usage recording for billing purposes.
  • IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS
    Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Advanced Message Security (AMS) features plus, for Long Term Support and for Continuous Delivery from IBM MQ 9.3.4, the Connector Pack. IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS does not include entitlement to run queue managers and so one of IBM MQ for z/OS or IBM MQ for z/OS VUE is a prerequisite. The Advanced Message Security feature does not require installation. Both the Managed File Transfer feature and the Connector Pack component are installed via separate FMIDs.
  • IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS Value Unit Edition
    Bundling of IBM MQ for z/OS VUE and IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS. From an installation perspective, the same FMIDs as IBM MQ for z/OS VUE and IBM MQ Advanced for z/OS are installed. Once installed, the QMGRPROD attribute must be set to ADVANCEDVUE, which changes product usage recording for billing purposes.


Technical Support

For Passport Advantage Online support, see:

To access a wide variety of resources for this product, see the IBM MQ product home pages:

To see latest information and technotes, go to the IBM MQ support portal:

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