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How can I access my invoices/credit notes online?

You can access your invoices using our Invoices tool. 

Where do I send my invoice payment?

Payments can be made by bank transfer, bank receipt or cheque quoting our invoice number(s). Bank account information can be found on the invoice.

Please send us your remittance advice through an online request.

What are the due dates and payment dates for IBM invoices?

IBM invoices are due upon receipt, as detailed in the IBM Client Relationship Agreement and as stated in the payment terms on your invoice.

What other methods of payment are available?

See Payment options to find more information on available payment methods.

What about late payment fees?

Terms relating to late payment fees are normal practice for suppliers; IBM defines these within its contractual agreements, e.g. the IBM Customer Agreement..

How can I advise IBM about a payment / remittance advice?

Please send us your remittance advice through an online request.

Who do I contact to change the address on my invoice?

An invoice address change can be made by submitting a request online.

Why have I been billed for a warranty replacement part?

Defective parts that are replaced while under warranty must be returned to IBM within 30 days. When parts are not returned, or if returned parts do not contain the shipping documentation sent with the replacement part, billing will occur. If you have returned the part or if you have further questions our concerns, please contact our IBM Parts Department at 1-800-263-2769. Our Parts team will be happy to assist in addressing any discrepancies.

Why did I receive an invoice for service and/or parts?

An hourly serivce invoice is billed for one of the following reasons:

1. the machine serviced does not reflect warranty or coverage through an IBM Maintenance agreement; or
2. the service provided is not covered by warranty or an IBM Maintenance agreement (example - abuse, lightning strike).

What if I have an invoice question that isn't answered here?

Please submit an online request. To allow us to better assist you, please include as much detail as possible.