Featured initiatives

IBM Rapid Supplier Connect            

Rapid Supplier Connect provides emergency supplier onboarding and inventory availability, helping you find new critical goods suppliers with speed and confidence. No-charge access for 90 days.

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility       

In times of disruption, Sterling Inventory Visibility can help break down inventory silos and disparate systems so you can see all your available-to-promise inventory. No-charge access for 90 days.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network

Automate and scale to meet increasing transaction volume and new partner on-boarding demands with Sterling Supply Chain Business Network. No-charge access for 90 days.

Find new critical goods suppliers and see their available inventories with speed and confidence

Provider organizations and government agencies face critical supply shortages. In response, they’re often turning to new, unproven suppliers. Identifying and vetting these suppliers is time consuming and drains critical resources. IBM Rapid Supplier Connect provides emergency supplier onboarding and inventory availability. It is a single source of truth combined with a marketplace for buyers to meet non-traditional suppliers and see their inventory availability.

Manage critical inventory and mitigate disruptions in times of need

With enormous disruptions in today's supply and demand chains, it’s essential to have accurate, connected inventory and order data to drive business decisions. Break down data silos and disparate systems so you can see all your available-to-promise inventory and employ AI-enable solutions to gain real-time intelligence to optimize supply chain performance. 

Inventory Control Tower

Rapidly identify risks and next best actions with a view of supply and demand correlated with external factors and AI-driven insights.

IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence Multi-Enterprise Edition

Meet customer demand and better serve the public

As supply chains face high levels of volatility and disruption, continuing to service customers — ensuring the right products are in the right place at the right time — can be a challenge. You need improved demand sensing and more certainty in your operations. Our experts can help you ensure scarce and critical supplies get to the public, health providers and businesses.

Site-Based Intelligence - Demand Sensing

For critical products and regions, generate shipment forecasts that consider COVID-19 progression and impact on consumer purchasing.

Site-Based Intelligence - Supply Decisioning

Visualize potential hotspots for supply base impact based on COVID-19 and other disruptions.

Automate and scale to meet increasing transaction volume and new partner onboarding demands

The current business climate means your ecosystem is changing. With IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN) you can bring on new trading partners and rapidly automate B2B transactions — such as orders and invoices — to reduce error-prone manual processes and save time and money — available at no charge for 90 days.

Enable your remote workforce to reliably and securely transfer and manage mission critical files

It is critical that you continue to provide secure point-to-point file transfers to your remote workforce, making it easy for them to manage your MFT environment remotely. We are making high-priority MFT solutions like IBM Sterling Connect:Direct and IBM Sterling Control Center Director available at no charge for 90 days.

Capture and integrate critical care data for rapid response

Today, businesses in healthcare and medical devices are dealing with high volumes of data from many different sources, in many different formats, ranging from simple to complex. IBM Sterling Transformation Extender Pack for Healthcare is specifically designed for faster, easier and compliant integration to support increases in volume and complexity — available at no charge for 90 days.

Eliminate the exchange of manual B2B transactions with your small partners

A resilient and automated B2B network is critical for your supply chain. You have to be able to adapt to change at a rapid pace — and manual processes present huge roadblocks. B2B transactions with trading partners need to be streamlined to reduce costs, manual errors and improve response time. IBM Sterling Transaction Manager and IBM Sterling Document Conversion Services can help you achieve 100% automated document processing, so your business can become more resilient and adaptable to unpredictable circumstances.

Drive efficient automated onboarding and management of suppliers

With sudden changes in the working environment, it’s important for organizations to effectively manage partner relationships and encourage collaboration. IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager, an extensible service platform, helps you address these challenges and rapidly onboard new partners to your IBM B2B Integrator network. Work with one of our business partners to get started (fees apply) and use the platform at no charge for 90 days.

Build supply chain resiliency with automation and integration

Use automation and integration to digitize and build resiliency in supply chains operations.  Automation and integration capabilities, in the form of Cloud Paks and combined with IBM supply chain expertise, enable your entire organization to optimize the delivery of goods and services to provide seamless continuity in dynamic markets.

Automate supply chain processes

Build no code productivity apps with Workstream Services, also part of Cloud Pak for Automation.

Transfer and integrate digital assets

Power supply chain’s digital assets with high speed file transfer using Aspera, also part of Cloud Pak for Integration.

Prioritize your most critical business needs

Engage IBM Automation Services in rapid, virtual roadmap sessions to prioritize where and how to automate supply chains.


Together, we can mount an unprecedented response.  Discover new ways to fight the virus, stay informed and adapt to circumstances.