For a B2B network that is scalable, secure and always-on

Your B2B ecosystem, and the transactions and data exchanges within it, are critical to the performance of your business.

By modernizing and consolidating your B2B connections and managed file transfers you can meet growing security, scalability and business demands – while reducing costs and complexity.

How do I deliver a B2B integration solution that makes us more competitive?

Learn how to build a strategic B2B platform that drives agility and business value while driving down costs and complexity.

Global Mailbox 6.0

Ensure high-availability of operations with Global Mailbox 6.0, which provides a security-rich environment and reliable data storage across geographically distributed locations.

B2B Collaboration solutions

B2B Integration Software

Consolidate all EDI document processing on a single, security-rich platform. Centralize the on-boarding and management of your trading partner community.

Managed File Transfer Software

Accelerate file transfers by synchronizing systems and simplifying data sharing.