Subscription License is a licensing model available under the IBM International Passport Advantage and IBM International Passport Advantage Express Agreements.

With the release of IBM Passport Advantage Agreements on 01 February 2023, Subscription License terms have been integrated into the applicable sections of the Agreement without the need to sign a separate Attachment for clients on these revised terms.

Note: New terms for existing PA clients are effective 01 May 2023.

Go to What you should know about revised Passport Advantage Agreements to learn more.

Available for selected IBM Software Programs, Subscription Licenses offer you the flexibility to ‘use’ licensed software and receive S&S for a specified term.

Subscription licenses

  • Align with industry-wide subscription-based licensing models
  • Offer Term flexibility from 12 to 36 months with a minimum term of 12 months
  • May not be terminated before the end of a Subscription term
  • Provide flexibility at end of term to renew, resize, switch offerings, or terminate

The Subscription License Attachment will govern initial and subsequent purchases of IBM software Programs under the Subscription License licensing model. Note: ELA Clients, both Commercial & Federal/Public, will work through their IBM Dealmaker