Whether your manufacturing operations are continuous, batch or discrete, you always need better ways to monitor, manage and maintain assets.

IBM Maximo® offerings deliver AI and IoT-driven solutions for enterprise asset management (EAM), production optimization through asset performance management (APM), and visual inspection to help you solve quality assurance challenges and digitally transform your business in the process. Discover how you can:

  • Reduce downtime and keep critical assets running
  • Enhance failure predictions for more resilient supply chains
  • Improve product quality with visual inspection
  • Identify issues in real time with remote monitoring
  • Boost technician productivity with mobile tools

Improve maintenance practices and plans

Analyze historical and real-time data to determine asset health, predict impending failures, and automate condition-based maintenance and schedules.

IBM Maximo® for manufacturers

From processing natural resources to creating industrial products, IBM Maximo® Application Suite offerings integrate with business management systems such as ERP and MES to help you improve manufacturing operations, reliability and performance. Reduce risk with applications built on 30+ years of market-leading technology while maintaining compliance and increasing ROI. Centrally manage assets — such as pumps, production lines and RPA — on a single platform, and automate maintenance, inspection and repair workflows while boosting first-time fix rates.

Worker inspecting machine tool

IBM Maximo® APM

IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) delivers capabilities powered by AI and IoT to optimize monitoring, maintenance and replacement actions based on historical and current asset health and weather data. Use prebuilt data models for manufacturing and determine risk exposure based on industry scoring methodology for health, criticality, end-of-life probability and effective age. Make smarter decisions, increase uptime, and minimize equipment failure and unplanned repair work.

IBM Maximo® Visual Inspection

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection adds intelligent “eyes” to your operations with AI-powered computer vision. The intuitive toolset makes deployment of deep learning vision models for real-time error and defect detection easy for business users without coding expertise. Combined with off-the-shelf mobile and edge devices, your enterprise can implement an automated platform integrated with maintenance and quality workflows and configured to notify key stakeholders of potential quality and performance issues immediately.

Worker with hardhat inspecting pressurized tubing

See how it works

Learn from three different perspectives: operations, maintenance and reliability.