How many clouds will you use in the next three years? Hint: more than one.

Enterprises are adopting a hybrid, multicloud approach to enable greater flexibility and application modernization. This may include the use of multiple cloud providers like IBM Cloud™, Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google Cloud, or traditional on-premises environments.

A hybrid, multicloud management framework can provide greater operational agility and power to identify, analyze and respond quickly to changes in these mixed environments.

An upsurge in complex multiclouds

An IBM guide to multicloud management lays out the potential rewards:

“Enterprises that assemble harmonized multicloud platforms can now position themselves for greater competitive advantage and lower costs.”¹


of enterprises surveyed plan to use multiple hybrid clouds within three years¹


of enterprises surveyed say actively managing multiclouds is vital to cut costs¹

Manage traditional and multicloud environments across your enterprise

The IBM Cloud management framework represents an open ecosystem supporting consistent management of a full application lifecycle.

This framework helps business leaders, developers, Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and IT Operations to manage applications and resources across traditional and multicloud environments in ways that deliver visibility, automation and governance.

Animated GIF illustrating the IBM cloud management framework

An evolving cloud market

The old idea that everything would move to the public cloud never happened. Instead, the cloud market evolved to meet the needs of clients who want to maintain on-premises systems while tapping a multitude of cloud platforms and vendors.

Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, IDC

A large gap in multicloud management capability

The IBM guide also addresses the challenges posed by multicloud environments:

“While the overwhelming majority of enterprises are, in effect, operating multicloud architectures, relatively few grasp how to manage these environments.”¹


of enterprises surveyed have a multicloud management strategy¹


of enterprises surveyed have the means to operate a multicloud environment¹

Image illustrating a shift in the management and modernization of applications toward a focus on overall application health

Transform your application management

The IBM Cloud Management framework represents a fundamental shift in the management and modernization of applications. It brings together different teams to focus on the overall application health and can foster an understanding of how existing IT and new cloud environments fit together. This drives a full realization of the integrated environment.

IBM solutions to help you manage and modernize

IBM Multicloud Manager

  • Increase visibility across your infrastructures.
  • Provide built-in support for your compliance management.
  • Manage your applications consistently.

IBM Cloud App Management

  • Improve efficiency from flexible operations management.
  • Deliver application-centric infrastructure and operations-application performance management.

Operations management

  • Combine machine learning, observability and experience to drive faster operational results.
  • Use insights to improve application resiliency and availability.

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¹Source: Assembling your cloud orchestra: A field guide to multicloud management, IBM Institute for Business Value, IBM Corporation, 2018 (