What is Informix?

IBM Informix® is a secure embeddable database, optimized for OLTP and Internet of Things (IoT) data. Informix has the unique ability to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, time series and spatial data. With four available editions, everyone from developers to global enterprises can benefit from its reliability, flexibility, ease of use and low total cost of ownership.


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Real-time analytics

The single Informix platform helps you power transactional workloads to enable analytics-driven insights at the speed of business.

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Fast, always-on transactions

To support mission-critical environments, IBM Informix includes High Availability Data Replication (HADR), Remote Secondary Standby Database Servers and Shared Disk Secondary Server. The Flexible Grid feature also enables rolling upgrades without any outages.

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Fewer data management hassles

Informix offers easy deployment features like “smart triggers” that implement event-driven processing and database push notifications, without any schema changes. This allows you to automate your data management and focus on your core business.

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With a silent installation and small footprint that requires just 100 Mb of memory, Informix is simple and non-disruptive. Self-managing capabilities make it ideal as an embedded data management solution. Informix can be up and running in minutes, not days.

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IBM Informix on Cloud

IBM Informix on Cloud offers the complete feature set of on-premises Informix deployments. Run your OLTP queries and workloads on an optimized instance and use the Informix warehouse accelerator to configure in-memory query acceleration for predictive analytics. Get the benefits of Informix without the cost, complexity and risk of managing your own infrastructure.


Informix Advanced Workgroup Edition

IBM Informix Advanced Workgroup Edition delivers ultimate data warehouse performance for small to midsize businesses whose leaders seek a turnkey solution. It includes the Informix Warehouse Accelerator, unlimited replication cluster nodes and up to two high-availability cluster nodes of any type. This edition is limited to 16 cores with up to 48 GB of memory.

Informix Enterprise Edition

With the exception of Informix Warehouse Accelerator, Informix Enterprise Edition includes all Informix features on all supported platforms for development and deployment. As a result, Enterprise Edition offers unlimited scalability and includes full grid and replication capabilities. Storage compression is available as an optional feature.

Informix Express Edition

IBM Informix Express Edition is ideal for third-party developers who want to embed a database within their applications. Available on all supported platforms, this edition is limited to four cores and a total of 8 GB of RAM with replication limited to two nodes (root nodes only) and one secondary high-availability cluster of any type.

Informix Developer Edition

IBM Informix Developer Edition is a no-charge edition that includes nearly all Informix features for individual application development, testing and prototyping. You get a low-risk environment in which to develop and test C, C++, Microsoft .NET, Java, Ruby on Rails, Perl and 4GL applications. This edition supports up to one CPU, 1 GB of memory and 8 GB of storage. For development use only.

IBM Informix Software Development Kit

IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit is a collection of components that are used to develop and run client applications that connect to the IBM Informix database server. 

IBM Informix Java™ Database Connectivity

IBM Informix Java Database Connectivity is the JavaSoft specification of a standard API that enables Java programs to access database management systems.


IBM Informix: The White Swan

Bloor Research dives into why Informix users can sleep well at night (SWAN) including: high availability, resilience, disaster recovery, ease of administration and more. Learn how new features have been introduced into Informix to support blockchain and other new use cases.

IBM Informix on Cloud

Understand the benefits of IBM Informix for cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. This paper explains how Informix on Cloud brings you the same high-performance engine that’s available on premises — one that enables a true hybrid environment, “where the on-premises and cloud data and applications are effectively extensions of one another.”

Client success

Cognitive food: Grain management

Thirty percent of all grain produced is lost to spoilage. With better resource management enabled by IBM Informix, farmers can achieve lower waste, better agricultural output and higher profits. See the connection between food and data, and learn more about cognitive food, powered by IBM Informix.


SmartAxiom applies deep embedded software to protect both IoT devices and data using decentralized blockchain technology. Discover how teams were able to reduce development time by 30 percent and run database software 20 percent faster with IBM Informix, all by reducing the risk of costly downtime.


See how connected devices and data analysis with IBM Informix helped Petrosoft transform the fuel retail business. From safer operations to increased profitability, smart use of data is fueling change in this demanding retail sector and helping Petrosoft to expand to 100,000 connected devices and 27 countries around the world by the end of 2018.

GreenCom Networks

GreenCom uses sensor data and IBM Informix to understand and coordinate multiple energy resources. This insight helps maximize the value of energy efficiency and create incentives for efficiency at many levels, from the building to the grid to the energy market itself, allowing GreenCom to offer “energy as a service” packages that save consumers up to 30 percent.

We looked at a traditional relational database alongside IBM Informix, and there was no contest. It’s the engine that makes our solution possible.

Daniel Kallestad, Founder, Targeted Grain Management

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