Minimize risks from mobile malware and devious devices

Today’s businesses need to operate efficiently and in accordance with industry standards. IT and security leaders cannot risk the time, cost and potential loss of customer trust that results from a malware attack.

Malware threats come without warning and can wreak havoc on any environment. This can impact more than just devices. Their apps and the corporate network are also susceptible – giving rise to the need for a tool that can detect and remediate it before it compromises the enterprise.

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IBM® MaaS360® with Watson Mobile Threat Management helps you to detect, analyze and remediate enterprise malware on mobile devices to protect your organization against fraud and data breaches. MaaS360 provides advanced jailbreak (iOS), root (Android) and hider detection with over-the-air updates for security definitions pulled from a continually updated database. Administrators can set security policies and compliance rules to automate remediation — improving the security of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and corporate-owned devices.

  • Provide for a near-real-time compliance rules engine to automate remediation
  • Alert users when malware is detected and automatically uninstall infected apps
  • View device threat attributes in the console and review audit history
  • Use detection logic updated over-the-air without app updates
Mobile threat prevention

Detect and remediate device-based threats

  • Jailbroken iPhones and iPads running iOS
  • Rooted Android devices and root hiders

Protect against app and content-based threats

  • Apps that collect user credentials, leak personal information, and share it externally without user awareness
  • Ransomware apps that take control of devices, data, and resources and block access
  • SMS listeners that monitor text message activity and collect personal information

Respond to network based-threats

  • Detect and block threats at the network layer:
    • Phishing attacks
    • Insecure/rogue WiFi endpoints
    • Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks

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