Beyond malware: a new world of cyber threats

In today’s business landscape, cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, employees are bombarded with more apps than they can handle, and data has become currency. This is putting pressure on enterprises to make investments and strategy adjustments necessary to get ahead using mobile threat prevention.

Now more than ever, CIOs and CISOs and their teams need tools and techniques that enable flexible delivery of apps, content, and resources across devices – whether they are supporting bring your own device (BYOD), choose your own device (CYOD), or a corporate-liable device environment. And they need options for mobile threat defense that fit within the confines of their strategy. 

Through IBM MaaS360® with Watson™ UEM, AI analytics provide real-time, actionable risk insights, native malware detection keeps an eye on suspicious apps, and Wandera Mobile Threat Defense supports informed, conditional access to enterprise apps while also responding to network, user, device, app and data-level threats before they strike.

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Mobile threat detection and hunting solely for malware is the bare minimum

18 times more likely

Employees are 18 times more likely to encounter a phishing link.¹

25 percent of organizations

Cryptojacking has already affected 25 percent of all organizations.

One-third of consumers

Deloitte reports that one-third of consumers with a business that suffered a breach, regardless of whether material loss occurred.²

Mobile threats challenge the enterprise

App-based threats

  • Wandera and MaaS360 stop cryptojacking in its tracks by reviewing apps installed on user devices and looking for outsized data usage among other factors
  • IBM Trusteer® Mobile Threat Management scans enrolled devices for malicious code and suspicious applications and takes automated action to uninstall
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Device-based threats

  • Use Wandera to overcome threats targeting endpoints, from vulnerabilities to malicious or risky apps
  • Detect malware on devices and trigger compliance actions using mobile threat management
  • Deliver out-of-the-box jailbreak and root detection to automatically block compromised iOS and Android devices
  • With Watson, gain real-time threat insights and analytics specific to enrolled devices and their operating systems
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User-based threats

  • In combination with Wandera and IBM Cloud Identity, MaaS360 delivers an informed approach to conditional access — taking threat and risk profiles into account before delivering app and resource access
  • Using Wandera and MaaS360 IT and Security teams can block access to phishing sites before users have a chance to mistakenly input credentials
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Network-based threats

  • Ensure your employees and executives can safely access sensitive data outside the network
  • Customize device policy and compliance rules to automatically limit connection to insecure networks
  • Protect against network-based threats such as Man in the Middle (MitM) or SSL stripping on public WiFi with Wandera
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