How many clouds will you use in the next three years? Hint: more than one.

Enterprises are adopting a hybrid, multicloud approach to enable greater flexibility and application modernization. This may include the use of multiple cloud providers like IBM Cloud™, Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google Cloud, or traditional on-premises environments.

A hybrid, multicloud management framework can provide greater operational agility and power to identify, analyze and respond quickly to changes in these mixed environments.



Self service
Maximize your developers’ time with self-service access to cloud resources and services, so they can focus on what they do best—developing applications.


Empower your IT operations team with complete visibility across your enterprise’s entire multi-cloud environment.


Prevent system outages by leveraging real-time cognitive analytics.


Enforce corporate policies and ensure compliance across your entire multi-cloud environment.


Improve IT efficiency
Optimize your IT resources with state-of-the-art insights, powered by Watson.

Hybrid cloud management solutions

IBM solutions for hybrid cloud management provide you with a consistent way to monitor, manage and optimize workloads across your multi-cloud environment — powered by Watson.


Use Infrastructure as Code to automate the creation, discovery and use of cloud resources.

Availability Monitoring

Run synthetic tests to detect and fix performance issues before they impact users.

Cloud Automation Manager

Allows IT operations to deploy, automate and manage multi-cloud environments.

Cloud Event Management

Operational event and incident correlation, prioritization and resolution.

Workload Scheduler

Beyond Cron, create workflows that run at specific times or on a regular or event basis.

DevOps Insights

Data for improving developer productivity, code quality and delivery cycle times.

Log Analysis

Log collection and search that automatically collects application and services data.


Automatically collect data from apps and services and visualize data in Grafana.

Business Rules

Automate and manage business logic and decisions outside of applications.

Product Insights

Delivers enhanced views of how IBM Software is being used across the organization.

Royal KPN accelerates cloud service delivery with IBM Cloud Orchestrator

"After implementing [IBM Cloud Orchestrator], we had a lot of growth. We didn’t need any extra resources for facilitating that growth in the storage area."

Jan van Cruchten, Senior Technical Product Manager, KPN

Watch the Royal KPN video to learn more.

Swiss Re accelerates application provisioning with IBM Cloud Orchestrator

“The orchestration solution is about helping the different operations and engineering teams reduce their workload so they can focus more on innovation and making their service better.”

Roger Altorfer, Vice President, Automation and Orchestration Lead, Swiss Reinsurance Co. Ltd.

IBM solutions to help you manage and modernize

IBM Multicloud Manager

  • Increase visibility across your infrastructures.
  • Provide built-in support for your compliance management.
  • Manage your applications consistently.

IBM Cloud App Management

  • Improve efficiency from flexible operations management.
  • Deliver application-centric infrastructure and operations-application performance management.

Operations management

  • Combine machine learning, observability and experience to drive faster operational results.
  • Use insights to improve application resiliency and availability.

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