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IBM Quantum Roadmap

The future of computing is quantum-centric.


Strategic milestones

All information being released represents IBM’s current intent, is subject to change or withdrawal, and represents only goals and objectives.

You can learn more about the progress of individual items by downloading the PDF in the top right corner.


Introduce parallelization of quantum computations.

2023 is all about pushing speed in quantum workflows by introducing parallelization in the Qiskit Primitives.


Expand the utility of quantum computing.

We will improve the quality and speed of quantum circuits to allow running 5,000 gates with parametric circuits.


Demonstrate quantum- centric supercomputing.

In 2025, we will enhance the quality of quantum circuits to allow running 7,500 gates and bring together modular processors, middleware, and quantum communication to demonstrate the first quantum-centric supercomputer.


Scale quantum computing.

We will scale qubits, electronics, infrastructure, and software to reduce footprint, cost, and energy usage. The quality of quantum circuits will improve to allow running 10,000 gates.


Deliver a fully error-corrected system.

We will bring users a quantum system with 200 qubits capable of running 100 milion gates.


Deliver quantum-centric supercomputers with 1,000’s of logical qubits.

Beyond 2033, quantum-centric supercomputers will include thousands of qubits capable of running 1 billion gates, unlocking the full power of quantum computing.