IBM has a strong history of improving schools around the world.
Undergirding our efforts is a commitment to access, equity and inclusion for all students. We realize that some school districts, teachers, and children won’t have access to the technology or connectivity suggested on this website. Similarly, there are students with different learning needs for whom the suggestions here won't be easily implemented. This site is intended to help as many as possible now, while IBM teams continue to help schools around the world through a range of dedicated efforts.

Classroom and
parent conferences

While you won’t be able to meet with students and parents in a physical classroom environment, there are helpful alternatives available.

At IBM, we host more than 100,000 video meetings every day. Cisco Webex Meetings enables us to meet “face-to-face” across the globe.

Lectures and

When you want to make announcements to a large number of students or present a class lecture with limited student interaction, there are some great options available.

We use IBM Watson Media to live stream meetings with hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of participants. Additionally, we use IBM Watson Media to store the videos or create a playlist for others to watch later.

Messaging with

IBM pairs existing communications tools (such as email) with other messaging platforms like Webex Teams that support topic-based, real-time group messaging. This can benefit teachers and students in virtual learning environments.

Free access to
IBM resources

In addition to IBM Watson Media, we’re making additional learning resources, such as our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) materials, available at no cost. Learn how these tools may help your students.