Even with many schools closed indefinitely, teachers are committed to ensuring that students stay on track and are engaged in learning. The challenges are enormous, especially for teachers whose students who may not have adequate supports at home and/or access to technology, among other critical needs.

For teachers providing online instruction, we are sharing a number of strategies that can help you create a dynamic virtual learning environment for your students.

Maintaining focus

Being remote can present some challenges in keeping students focused. Follow these guidelines to help keep students active, involved and on task in a virtual learning environment.

Staying connected

In a remote environment, direct interactions and social cues are limited, and in turn, can limit student engagement and make it even harder to keep students focused. These guidelines can help keep students active and on task. 

Fun and educational

For many students, school is as much about social interaction and creativity as it is about the curriculum. Here are some suggestions for fun, collaborative, and educationally oriented activities that leverage interactive technology.


Certificates are an effective way to encourage progress and staying connected.