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Illustration of z/OS Container Platform in an hybrid cloud environment

The IBM z/OS® Container Platform is designed to enable users to realize the benefits of a cloud native development strategy.

Run containers natively on IBM z/OS gaining the benefits of industry-standard open source container technologies while also taking advantage of the security, reliability and performance benefits of IBM Z.

Benefits Runs in a z/OS address space

Operates like any other z/OS application and can run alongside traditional applications within a z/OS system.

Drives faster time to market

Employs modern, open source technologies and standards.

Enables development efficiencies and enhances security

Provides a self-service, isolated environment for development and testing.

Enables consistency across development and test environments

Access to image repository for system programmers to easily obtain IBM-provided container images and customize them for consistent use within their organization.

Uses industry-standard technologies

Implements a container runtime based on open source technologies that follow the OCI runtime specification.

Open Container Initiative (OCI)

Supports cloud native development

Provides industry-standard container management tools and enables integration into existing DevOps pipelines.

Connect with the Open Container Initiative community

Image catalog

Growing image catalog of containerized z/OS UNIX applications built to run on z/OS Container Platform are available on the IBM Cloud® Container Registry.

IBM Container Registry
Use Cases Application modernization and colocation
  • Targets z/OS UNIX applications to modernize existing workloads.
  • Access container images built to run on zOSCP from the IBM Container Registry.
    • Supported images are delivered by the respective product teams and are available independently of the zOSCP product delivery.
Development and testing experience
  • Use an isolated self-service environment for development and testing.
  • Employ enterprise-wide tool and process standardization, enabling parallel development and continuous integration.
  • Spin up/down containers to introduce new features and facilitate changes.
  • Maintain currency and test new versions of code without disruption.
New function and workload growth

Embrace z/OS Container Platform as part of a cloud native development strategy along with microservices and an API strategy to expose z/OS applications and enable integration in a hybrid cloud environment.

Resources IBM z/OS Container Platform Content Solution

Everything you need to get started with z/OS Container Platform.

Bringing containers to z/OS with IBM z/OS Container Platform

Product overview and how to get started with z/OS Container Platform.

Open Container Community

Explore the Linux Foundation's Open Container Initiative technical community working on developing standards around container formats and runtime technology.

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z/OS Container Platform provides the infrastructure to run z/OS UNIX application as containers natively on z/OS.

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go

This industry-standard compiler brings the popular Go programming language to the z/OS platform.

Next Steps

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