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Skills Studio in IBM watsonx Orchestrate™

The Skills Studio in watsonx Orchestrate is a low code developer studio with a robust software developer kit (SDK) for building skills and automations that can be added to the Orchestrate skills catalog and used to extend the capabilities of your AI assistant. With the Skills Studio, you can build your own skills and workflows quickly and easily and leverage existing investments in automation tools by discovering automations within Orchestrate and putting them to work across the organization. Builders now have a single location to build and manage automations and skills with a unified build canvas, one versioning method for all packages built, and a simple experience for deploying skills to your AI assistants.



Feature details Pre-built skills aligned to entry point use cases

Leverage 1000s of pre-built skills aligned to every domain across the enterprise with no specialized training needed. You can integrate any third-party tool with Orchestrate through OpenAPIs and create custom skills built to streamline process in any domain across the enterprise.

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Low-code developer studio

The skills studio provides a low-code developer experience with a robust software developer kit (SDK) to build skills and automations. Quickly and easily build skills and automations to add to the skills catalog and expose newly created skills within your AI assistant.

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Build your own workflow with Skills Studio

Leveraging your full suite of business automation capabilities like workflow, decisions, document processing and RPA, you can quickly and easily build automations, publish them to your skills catalog, and empower users to deploy automations through chatting with their AI assistant.

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How Orchestrate works
Integrations To perform requested tasks, Orchestrate integrates with the key apps and tools you use every day to access the capabilities within them, from collaboration and communications to analytics and applicant tracking. See integrations

Simplify your day  Using a catalog of skills, Orchestrate automates time-consuming tasks and handles them faster, so you can focus on higher value work. The skills catalog in watsonx Orchestrate contains 1000s of prebuilt skills to help you accomplish a wide range of tasks. Learn what Orchestrate can do

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