Join us to learn how to understand your unstructured data risk in days and not years.

Identify potential risk hot spots

Valuable insights are shared through email, PDFs, word processor documents and images. This is considered unstructured data, and today it makes up around 80% of all enterprise information shared on the cloud.

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog InstaScan (formerly known as IBM  StoredIQ® InstaScan) is an intelligent file analysis tool that leverages automation and statistical sampling models to quickly identify risk hot spots in unstructured cloud data. The tool helps accelerate regulatory compliance and data governance as part of a DataOps practice by providing unique capabilities, such as:

  • Risk assessment and remediation recommendations
  • Automatic application of classification labels to files in Box
  • Audit-ready compliance checks

IBM is committed to helping clients deliver business-ready data to feed AI and analytics projects with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan, available as a service through IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.



Govern cloud data sources

Apply your organization’s data management and compliance policies to your cloud data sources.

Gain insights fast

Use native indexing to get started quickly and run assessments in a fraction of the time.

Strengthen data privacy

Discover what types of sensitive data are most prevalent within your organization and prioritize data clean up activities.

Risk assessment

Screenshot showing risk assessment dashboard interface
Identify sensitive and personal data, view which policy violations exist within the sampled data, and determine the most prevalent risks.

Compliance check

Select a policy to scan for to ensure data sources are compliant and meet your confidence level goals, then leverage the report for audit and regulatory purposes.
Screenshot showing compliance check dashboard interface

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan and Box Shield

screenshot showing Box interface

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan and Box Shield provides a comprehensive data privacy solution for unstructured data. This combined solution helps organizations quickly assess the risk within their content footprint, prioritize and perform data remediation, and reduce the time for compliance data collection, all in a secure environment.


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