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Surface rich insights and answers from your enterprise data with any of our three IBM® Watson® Discovery pricing plans. Start as low as USD 500 per month or upgrade to the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data cartridge with unlimited features. Talk to an IBM sales representative to learn more.

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Starting at USD 500

Starting at USD 5,000

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Documents, queries

Install, documents, queries

Install, documents

Install, documents

No-cost trial

30 days

Documents included




Queries included



Document limit


(Contact Us over 1M/mo)



Queries limit


(Contact Us over 1M/mo)



Pre-built connectors

Smart Document Understanding (SDU)

Passage retrieval

Relevancy training

WKS model integration

Project-based UI (v2)

Content mining

Table identification & retrieval

Reusable components

Reading comprehension (Beta)

Custom dictionaries/regex/patterns

Real-Time/Analyze API

Contract understanding

Availability SLA




Data isolation

Mutual authentication 

Compute isolation

Language support

Watson Discovery supports up to 22 languages depending on the plan and features.

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Use all three products together or independently of one another, depending on your use case. Watson Natural Language Understanding is a best-in-class text analytics service that can be integrated into an existing data pipeline. IBM Watson Discovery incorporates Watson Natural Language Understanding, while also offering data storage and multiple ingestion options. This structure allows powerful queries to extract insights by serving as a powerful cloud-native insight engine. Use Watson Knowledge Studio with Watson Discovery and Natural Language Understanding to customize text extraction of entities and relations using machine learning models.

Watson Assistant uses a search skill to route complex inquiries to Watson Discovery. Watson Discovery treats the user input as a search query. The platform finds information relevant to the query from data inside its collections and returns that information to Watson Assistant.

Please visit our pricing calculator which gives a monthly estimate of your costs based on your chosen plan.

Please visit the Watson Discovery subscription page, which provides the opportunity to upgrade your plan.

Watson Discovery offers many features for you to modify the platform to meet your needs, including natural language processing (NLP), relevancy model, and ingestion pipeline customizations.

The Premium and IBM Cloud Pak for Data cartridge plans aim to support the following data types: PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PNG, TIFF, JPG, JSON and HTML.

For the IBM Cloud®, the platform supports Box, Salesforce, Microsoft® SharePoint Online, Microsoft SharePoint 2016 (on-premises, IBM Cloud Object Storage, IBM FileNet®, IBM AppConnect, and Web Crawl.

For IBM Cloud Pak for Data, the platform supports: Box, Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft SharePoint 2016 (on-premises, Web Crawl, Database, Windows® File System, Local File System, FileNet P8, upload your data and Cloud Pak for Data custom connector.

The Plus plan comes with a 30-day no-cost trial for the first instance created in an account. Any additional instances will not be eligible for the no-cost trial.

The Plus plans start at USD 500 per month for up to 10,000 documents and 10,000 queries per month. Per additional thousand documents, the rate is USD 50.

Per additional thousand queries per month, the rate is USD 20.

The document usage metric counts the number of documents that are stored in Watson Discovery during the month. For example, an instance that stores 20,000 documents for the entire month would see USD 5 * (20,000-10,000 included)/1000 = USD 50 in additional documents costs plus the base rate.

A query is any application programming interface (API) call made to the query endpoint. Many use case queries are closely tied to the number of users of your end application. To estimate, consider the number of monthly users you expect and the number of operations for retrieving answers you expect each to do. Queries that run through Watson Discovery UI for testing do not count towards the pricing.

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