IBM Watson Code Assistant     
Enable hybrid cloud developers of all experience levels to write code with AI-generated recommendations
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Let AI be your guide

What if you could translate plain English to code? Watson Code Assistant allows you to do just that. Powered by IBM foundation models (FM), Watson Code Assistant makes it easier for anyone to write code with AI-generated recommendations, bringing the power of IT automation to your entire organization as a strategic, accessible asset for more users—not just the subject-matter experts. This means automatically suggesting code for developers based on natural language inputs.

Watson Code Assistant is infused with FMs that are purpose-built, created with deployment efficiency in mind, and which enable organizations to customize the models, while also applying enterprise standards and best practices.

Watch the product demo (3:12)

Red Hat announces Anisble Lightspeed with IBM Watson Code Assistant.

Automated code generation in information technology tasks in YAML through large language models.

Reshaping IT automation with IBM Watson Code Assistant

Benefits Get past the learning curve

Help developers with AI-recommended code based on natural language inputs.

Reduce errors and increase productivity

Enable hybrid cloud DevOps teams to write quality code, with greater efficiency.

Build code with confidence

Accept AI-generated recommendations with confidence through data-source attribution.

Address the IT skills barrier

Bridge the hybrid cloud developer skills gap by enabling developers to unlock productivity and creativity.

Apply enterprise standards

Customize the foundation models with enterprise standards and industry best practices.

Accelerate time to value

Purpose-built and created with deployment efficiency in mind, IBM foundation models bring AI to your developers where they work.

Features Content generation

Generate code with applicable syntax from a natural language request.

Model tuning

Tune with your own data to achieve quality results, starting with multitask prompt tuning.

Customizable standards

Customize models with your own standards and best practices.

Code attribution

Gain enhanced transparency through visibility into the potential origin of generated code.

Use cases
Red Hat Ansible  Watson Code Assistant works with Red Hat® Ansible® to enable developers of all skill levels to write Ansible Playbooks with AI-generated recommendations. Red Hat Ansible infused with AI will deliver automation content recommendations that are written in syntactically correct YAML code, and adhere to accepted best practices, for an enhanced Ansible experience that users can be confident in. Read the research blog

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