Turn video into actionable Insights

Video Analytics empowers organizations across all industries to rapidly analyze and uncover insights stored in live streamed or archived video - without the need for AI experts or developers. Established and emerging scenarios and objects can be identified in near real-time with alerts sent to take action, helping organizations get more out of their video investments while dramatically lower operational costs and risks.

Respond faster to issues in real-time

The system will monitor for predefined conditions and send alerts when detected enabling you to respond faster to potential hazards such as spills and address customer service issues more quickly.

Uncover insights in large video archives

Video Analytics generates a rich set of metadata that describes objects, people and scenes found in video. The metadata is indexed and stored supporting rapid searches, correlation, and analysis.

Improve compliance and privacy

To address compliance requirements and protect the privacy of individuals or organizations, you can choose to redact objects, people, or entire frames within the video footage.

Get more out of your video investments

Video Analytics can analyze live or archived video from any camera or VMS vendor, enabling you to get more out of your existing video system investment.

Boost search through machine learning

Configurable deep learning capabilities used in Video Analytics reduce false positives, providing continuous system improvement over time.

Accelerate results for decision making

Optimized GPU-based hardware and advanced algorithms deliver higher performance for workloads such as video indexing & automated redaction, providing insights faster to support better decision-making

Key Features

  • Quickly find events and objects of interest in video
  • Redact objects, faces, and entire frames in recorded video
  • Track people and objects
  • Detect changes to patterns, like abandoned objects
  • Monitor access to areas of interest
  • Send alerts when conditions detected

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