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IAM needs are expanding

The cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) space is crowded with vendors—including IBM and Okta—who all make similar claims. As key features like single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA) become standard, organizations need more from IAM solutions such as IBM Security® Verify and Okta Identity Cloud. They need the ability to scale and modernize to support their zero-trust initiatives and to protect their internal and external users, assets and data in a hybrid cloud world.

IBM Security Verify: A robust IAM solution

Consent management Verify reaches beyond attributes by offering a centralized decision engine that provides templates for granular consent management by purposes, along with EULAs, policies and rules, in a single portal. It helps privacy and risk officers automate consent decisions to address privacy laws without touching code.

Adaptive access Verify directly benefits from IBM’s long history in the fraud detection market, using its AI-powered fraud engine to evaluate deeper risk context for adaptive access out of the box.

Recertification campaigns Verify delivers automated access recertification campaigns to mitigate manual spreadsheet reviews and rubber stamp approvals. These campaigns also help to limit human error as organizations prioritize their compliance initiatives.

Identity analytics Verify includes AI-powered identity analytics in the same SaaS environment as its access management capabilities to empower predictive and autonomous risk mitigation.

Compare capabilities: IBM and Okta

See how IBM Security Verify extends IDaaS modernization




Single sign-on

Federated single sign-on to cloud, on-prem and mobile apps with pre-built connectors for common SaaS apps

Protection of legacy on-prem apps from the cloud

Lightweight, containerized reverse proxy to protect apps traditionally junctioned behind reverse proxies without the complexity—at no additional cost

Adaptive access

Some degree of contextual risk detection across location, device and IP address parameters easily tied to access policies



Ready-to-use advanced risk-based authentication insights such as behavioral biometrics


Continuous authentication for mobile web and native apps

Identity analytics

Holistic view of identity lifecycle risk, including decision support in the form of risk scores for users, applications and entitlements; accompanied by recommended mitigation actions powered by machine learning



Consent management


Storing user consent as an attribute

No-code workflows included to define and create data access purposes for users’ sensitive data


Customizable consent determination rules based on purpose and geographic conditions


Lifecycle management

Universal cloud directory with bidirectional mastering from any number of third-party identity providers



Several strategies for user provisioning and lifecycle management to extend existing investments, including Active Directory and LDAP agents with attribute-level mastering, JIT and SCIM provisioning, and API-based provisioning


Password reset self-service, access request workflows, and delegated administration to line-of-business managers


Automated, periodic access recertification campaigns for any app with customizable scope for users, groups and account types

Advanced authentication

Wide array of MFA methods, including SMS, email, voice and time-based one-time passwords, mobile push and biometrics

Ability to apply adaptive MFA broadly across cloud and on-prem apps, VPN, Linux SSH and remote desktop protocol (RDP)

QR code and FIDO2 passwordless authentication



Support for both workforce and consumer IAM use cases from one solution

Ready-to-use integrations with commonly used social authentication providers such as Google, LinkedIn and Apple

Built-in reporting to diagnose authentication events

Developer resources to support embedding identity functions into custom apps


Cloud-native service with multi-region coverage, scalability and high availability to support data residency and redundancy requirements


SAML 2.0 and OIDC support


SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 certifications


Use-case ready
Context is good. Protection is better. As identity programs scale in a largely distributed world with a widened attack surface, most vendors—including IBM and Okta—offer core IAM capabilities and some degree of contextual risk detection to help you get started. With over 20 years of expertise in the identity space and a long-standing fraud detection IP, IBM offers the depth to help address complex risk-based authentication, with ready-to-use data privacy and consent management use cases for both IAM and CIAM.  In addition, all IBM IDaaS capabilities are delivered with flexible contracts, allowing dynamic expansion of use cases or user populations as your IAM needs evolve. How ready is your IAM stack for the future?
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