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IBM Storage as-a-Service is an on-premises data storage solution wherein IBM provides and manages FlashSystem and IBM DS8900F hardware priced with a flexible cloud-like, consumption-based model. 

IBM Storage as-a-Service can help you reduce IT spend by providing a cost-effective, scalable and reliable storage solution. Reduce the need for expensive hardware and software investments, cut maintenance costs and gain predictable pricing for your storage needs.

According to a recent Gartner® report, STaaS can “reduce storage infrastructure costs by 40% or more.” Discover why IT leaders are replacing their storage infrastructure with storage-as-a-service consumption models.

IBM Storage as a Service Offering Guide

Get a detailed introduction to the IBM Storage as a Service.

Learn how you can use Storage as a Service to reduce IT spend
Benefits New application or business?

Get the flexibility with STaaS to provide your business what you need, when you need it.

Cashflow inconsistent?

Leverage IBM Storage as-a-Service to only pay for what you use, when you use it.

Have data that doesn’t reduce?

Avoid any penalty for data that doesn’t benefit from data compression or deduplication.

Demands on the up? Cash flow on the down?

Get the agility, efficiency and flexibility to scale up or down while only paying for what you use.

Wondering if you can keep up with growth?

Deploy applications fast with quick provisioning and about 50% of additional capacity for growth.

Worried about the security of your data?

Get protection from cyber-attacks with proven technology designed for cyber resilience.

Pricing model

With cloud-like services, you can dynamically scale up or down and pay for only what you use without needing to plan for storage acquisition and procurement cycles. The service is enabled for both your on-premises and your hybrid cloud infrastructure needs, helping you to quickly access the storage services you need wherever resources are deployed.

IBM Storage as a Service offers one single rate for base and growth capacity, letting you use as much storage as you need with no penalty fees for low data reduction or hidden costs for usage above your commitment level.

Extreme - Tier 1

Premium - Tier 2

Balanced - Tier 3

Capacity - Tier 4


As low as 50μs

As low as 50μs

As low as 50μs

As low as 50μs

Min capacity

25 TB

50 TB

100 TB

100 TB

Minimum Performance IOPS/TB Usable*




Regular Pool: 140 DRP: 60

Maximum read throughput (GB/s)**





Maximum write throughtput (GB/s)**





Availability Objective

99.9999%/ 100% guarantee***

99.9999%/ 100% guarantee***

99.9999%/ 100% guarantee***

99.9999%/ 100% guarantee***


Life cycle management

Life cycle management

Life cycle management

Life cycle management

Starting from USD/TB/Month

USD 225

USD 116

USD 80

USD 31

Effective cost @ compression 2:1 5yr commitment USD/TB/Month (USD/GB/Month)

USD 113 (USD 0.113)

USD 58 (USD 0.058)

USD 40 (USD 0.040)

USD 16 (USD 0.016)

Effective cost @ compression 3:1 5yr commitment USD/TB/Month (USD/GB/Month)

USD 75 (USD 0.075)

USD 39 (USD 0.039)

USD 27 (USD 0.027)

USD 10 (USD 0.010)

Features Simple and flexible storage Start small, but grow big  

Decide how much capacity you require today, with the option to expand endlessly.

Transparent pricing

Take advantage of a straightforward consumption model with you in mind.

All the performance you need

Get the agility to update storage performance levels.

Stay fresh

Benefit from inclusive, full-system upgrades every 3-4 years.

AI-driven monitoring

Use IBM Storage Insights to assist you in managing and forecasting data utilization.

Cyber-resilient data storage

Protect your data with Safeguarded Copy to help speed recovery from cyberattacks.

Simple operations

Streamline operations with a standardized all-flash and hybrid flash storage technology platform.

White-glove support

Available IBM Expert Care support and managed services.

Resource Does a consumption-based model fit your strategy?

Take our 10-question assessment to find out if a consumption-based model makes sense for your on-premises storage infrastructure.

Next steps

Explore a flexible consumption model that dynamically scales up or down.  Schedule a no-cost 30-minute meeting with an IBM Storage representative.

Read the data sheet
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Pricing based on TB/Month usable at a 5 year term commitment. IBM offers from 3 to 5 year term options. Price varies based on committed capacity and length of contract. Effective cost based on using data reduction technology. Pricing based on TB/Month usable at a 5 year term commitment. IBM offers from 3 to 5 year term options. Price varies based on committed capacity and length of contract. Effective cost based on using data reduction technology. A one time set up fee of USD 5,000 is required.

*IOPS/TB: This defines the minimum ratio of Input-Output Operations (IOPS) per physical used Terabyte (TB) with usage up to 85% of the usable capacity.  IOPS/TB are based on a 70:30 Read / Write mixed workload with 50% cache hit and 16K I/O size using Fibre Channel.  Remote replication may impact performance.  Actual results will vary by workload, as such the IOPS/TB should be used for the purposes of selecting relative performance tiers.

**Maximum read and write throughput based on 256KB I/O Size using Fibre Channel.

***99.9999% objective. 100% guarantee requires HyperSwap configuration installed by IBM Lab Services. Terms and conditions apply.

All statements regarding IBM’s pricing, future product direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice and represent goals and objectives only. All the stated items of pricing are either estimates or plans and not guarantees. No representation or guarantee concerning any of the foregoing can be made or is made as part of this disclosure or any resulting contract.