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IBM® SPSS® Statistics is an intuitive solution that simplifies data visualization and facilitates statistical analysis. Its intuitive interface and point-and-click functions enable you to run analyses and organize data easily, whether you are a beginner, an experienced researcher or a business professional.

From generating descriptive statistics to performing advanced predictive modeling, SPSS Statistics offers a comprehensive suite of tests and analytics procedures to help you achieve reliable results, present them in easy-to-understand formats and make more informed decisions.  

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Benefits Seamless experience

Streamline data preparation and analysis with an easy-to-use interface, eliminating the need for coding.

Simple drag and drop

Empower coders, noncoders and analysts with visual data science tools.


Flexible data management

Clean, transform and analyze any kind of data set quickly, including survey data, corporate databases or data downloaded from the web. 

Reproducible and automated processes

Use syntax to record and automate your analysis steps. Reproduce analyses at any time to enhance efficiency and minimize errors.

What you can do

Superior, cross-sector usability

IBM SPSS Statistics software offers capabilities and flexibility that are not available in traditional statistical software, which is why organizations around the world rely on it for a broad spectrum of applications, such as:

Data exploration for marketing analysis

Visualize user personas by analyzing customer survey data to create targeted marketing strategies.

Clinical data analysis and healthcare research

Use advanced data analysis and predictive models to analyze disease patterns, risk factors, public health trends, and identify epidemiological patterns.

Forecasting and trend analysis 

Forecast future trends to better plan organizational strategies, logistics and manufacturing processes.

Data-driven governance

Detect fraud and minimize business risk. Report the results to the government.

Optimized education with data insights

Analyze student performance and compare educational interventions to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

Quality control and manufacturing

Monitor product quality, identify areas for improvement, and investigate key factors behind variations to optimize manufacturing operations.

Latest enhancements

SPSS Version 29 offers a host of new features that improve the user experience. Highlights of these updates, new features and general enhancements include: 

Overview tab This function offers a new perspective for viewing data. First, across the data set, and second, by individual variables. Read the documentation

Percentiles SPSS now provides an interface that enables users to choose specific percentiles. Read the documentation

Validate data output Provide right-click modify output shortcuts in output pivot tables to access several common features, like transpose, sort column, hide column and highlight cells in a column. Read the documentation

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We continually update our IBM SPSS Statistics product family to offer the power, versatility and ease of use you need to address the toughest analytical challenges. With each release, we add new procedures, features and platform support to help users work faster and more effectively.

Our powerful statistical software platform requires a minimal understanding of statistical concepts and offers an intuitive interface and a robust set of features that enable your organization to quickly extract actionable insights from your data.

The latest SPSS release includes several new UX updates, including a new survival model procedure, open source extension procedures, UI and workbook enhancements.

No. SPSS enables users to prepare and analyze data through an intuitive user interface without having to write code.

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