Leverage SPSS Modeler Gold with added capabilities at a new, lower price

Leverage SPSS Modeler Gold with added capabilities at a new, lower price

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Getting started with this product

How can I try out SPSS Modeler?

Take the quick product tour and take advantage of open source innovation including R or Python.

What demos do you have available for SPSS Modeler that allows me to see various features?

IBM has many demos available around accessing, manipulating and analyzing your data. See this tutorial to get started.

What are the software requirements for SPSS Modeler?

System requirements can be found here.

For Modeler Premium and Text Analytics,  SPSS® Modeler client must already be installed. More information can be found here.

What is the latest release for SPSS Modeler?

SPSS Modeler 18.2 is the latest release. It focuses on modernizing the user interface, embracing and extending open source capabilities, and bringing analytics to the data. For more information on the new features, click here.

What editions of SPSS Modeler are available?

IBM offers three SPSS Modeler editions including Professional, Premium and Gold. To see a comparison of the options, please visit the pricing page.

What does SPSS Modeler Professional include?

SPSS Modeler Professional includes an extensive variety of data preparation, graphical, and data import and export functionality — as well as the full range of Modeler’s classification, association and segmentation algorithms with automated modeling procedures. For more information, click here.

What does SPSS Modeler Premium include?

SPSS Modeler Premium extends the functionality of SPSS Modeler Professional by providing additional text analytics capabilities for the analysis of unstructured data sources such as customer comments, blogs, RSS feeds and documents in multiple text formats. For more information, click here.

What does SPSS Modeler Gold include?

SPSS Modeler Gold extends the functionality of SPSS Modeler Premium to provide a complete server-based predictive analytics modeling and deployment platform. SPSS Modeler Gold includes the SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services platform to enable sharing and governance of key analytical assets across the enterprise as well as the scoring of models, integration with other IBM products and operational systems. For more information, click here.

What are the licensing options for SPSS Modeler?

There are a variety of licensing options available for SPSS Modeler. SPSS Modeler Professional and Premium can be licensed by authorized user and concurrent user in both term and perpetual license models. Additionally, SPSS Modeler Professional and Premium have server options available priced in Processor Value Units (PVUs). Additional information on PVUs can be found here.

IBM SPSS Modeler Gold can be licensed in both authorized users and concurrent users and has an additional requirement for IBM SPSS Modeler Gold server, which is priced by PVUs.

I'm looking for model management and have the ability to do version control. Which option is best for me?

The Gold edition offers both model management and version control.

Please visit the pricing page for more details and to contact an IBM sales representative.


Where can I find your pricing options?

For pricing, please click here to view the various options and to contact an IBM sales representative.


How do I get support for SPSS Modeler?

Please use the SPSS support site by following the link below. You can download the software, open and monitor support tickets, find an authorized IBM partner seller and more.