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Key highlights

Demilitarized zone application proxy

Provides a secure intermediary, a standalone server, as the demilitarized zone (DMZ). This is a sterile holding area until the partner is successfully validated. Then a separate session is established from the DMZ to the trusted zone.

Firewall navigation best practices

Minimizes rich targets in the DMZ by ensuring that files, user credentials and data are never stored on physical drives in the DMZ. Removes requirement for inbound holes in the firewall.

Perimeter security

Prevents direct communications between external and internal sessions by establishing secure session breaks in the DMZ using SSL or TLS encryption.

Multifactor authentication

Provides authentication options, including IP address, user ID and password, digital certificates, SSH keys and RSA SecurID.

Certified containers

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy certified containers are enterprise-grade, security-hardened product editions with integrated common software services for consistent deployment life-cycle management. The scalable containers include easy install and configure options, and upgrade and roll-back management.

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