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Orchestrate data movements in IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) without scripting, saving time, cost and complexity
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The data orchestration platform for IBM® Planning Analytics (TM1)

DataMaestro* is a data orchestration platform that reduces the time, cost and complexity involved in managing IBM Planning Analytics environments. It empowers admins to move data within and across cubes without writing complex TurboIntegrator scripts.

It offers an easy-to-use, web-based interface and a single console to manage all DataMaestro and TI processes in one place. Copy data for one cube or multiple cubes in a single task to existing elements or create new elements on-the-fly.

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Key features of Revelwood DataMaestro
Multi-Cube copy plan to forecast Here we see the entire setup screen to copy from the Budget version to Forecast for all three Finance cubes.

Zero finance detail cube Easily access the complete history and detailed logging information of every DataMaestro task. 

Benefits Request a demo Save time

Save time by making it easier to manage data processing steps with just a few simple steps.

Save money

Save money by eliminating the need for sophisticated TurboIntegrator scripting skills.

Get organized

Help system administrators organize and manage their data orchestrations in one place.

DataMaestro is user-friendly, organized and easy to use. Kim Lomax Manager of Financial Systems Rayonier
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