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Employ new features for Excel forms

Cubewise Slice* provides advanced features for Excel forms within IBM® Planning Analytics with Watson (TM1) databases. Slice is an add-in that connects directly to the TM1 REST API, works over the internet and has built-in support for hierarchies. It’s compatible with Perspectives and brings new capabilities while maintaining existing Excel functions.

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Key features of Cubewise Slice
Building the next generation of Active Forms The MDX Form is driven by one MDX query making it much faster and more flexible than traditional TM1 Active Forms.

Apply custom styles Create and edit your style with the View Style editor plugin. Implement formatting to Cube Viewer, Snapshot, Slice and Active From.
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Slice supports all traditional IBM Planning Analytics features such as Excel functions (DBRW, DBSW, SUBNM), action buttons, and sandbox.

Integrate new functions

Enhance Excel reporting with three new features added to the DBRW function: Virtual Consolidations, Virtual Expressions, and Named Range.

Build reports 

Explore a new way to build Excel reports through the MDX Form. Driven by one MDX query, reports are fast and flexible.

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