Take your patient engagement capabilities to the next level

Designed to work with any EHR, IBM® Phytel® Outreach delivers automated, protocol-driven patient communications – helping providers efficiently identify and engage priority populations, drive annual wellness visits and close gaps in care.

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Improve quality of care

Enhance both chronic and preventive care. Reduce variances in care. Help maximize patient engagement.

Improve financials

Optimize medical staff time. Boost quality-based payments. Qualify for PCMH auto credit.

Lower administrative costs

Increase efficiency and productivity. Reduce expensive manual errors and oversights.

Increase patient engagement

Promote patient adherence to recommended visit protocols and keep patients active in their own health care.

IBM Phytel Outreach key features

  • Identify care opportunities
  • Connect with patients through automation
  • Demonstrate results
  • Personalized messaging
  • Built-in protocols, automated notifications

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